#3 Gearing up for PPL Spring’18: Tournament-beast Kanishka Samant

PPL Blog Series Feb 2018

Following up the previous two episodes with Abhishek Panda and Rubin Labroo, we managed to catch up with tournament-beast and Main Event specialist, Kanishka Samant. The poker pro has been crushing games across the country for years now, and his merits and achievements include both live and online games.

He shares some insights with team IPN and highlights a few aspects of the game that can make a huge difference in the long run. He boasts a great record in the PPL, with big scores in some of the largest events. Here’s what we gathered from the Mumbai-based Pro:

  • Play tight, play solid. Make as few mistakes as possible and as you go deeper observe player tendencies. Once you are aware of the mistakes they are making you can begin employing more exploitative strategies against them.
  • You could come up with your own unique strategies during the game. If the table is playing out too tight or too aggressive you can adjust, but make sure that you don’t get out of line and bluff too much.
  • Take one hand at a time, one break advancing into the next as it’s a grind and don’t observe other stack-sizes and keep checking the lobby. JUST look at how many big blinds we have and how best we could utilize our artillery
  • Keep hydrating yourself with water – no soft drinks, Red bulls, etc. Walk about in breaks and do a bit of stretching as well.

“Thanks guys and all the best for the series! I’m looking forward to it and am planning to play all the bigger events. I’ve always loved the Baazi structures and this one is anticipated to be another stellar show by the Baazi team!”

Thank you Kanishka, and good luck for the year!

The PokerBaazi Premier League Spring’18 Edition is set to commence on February 12th. Satellites to the series are already running on the gaming client. Visit the website for more.

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