The Perfect Balance Between Poker And Your Health! 

The Perfect Balance Between Poker And Your Health

Poker is all about your mind and body. Everything needs to be working in tandem for a player to perform to the best of their capabilities. Those who are at the top of their game realize that health is very important. 

All the big poker tournaments start in the evening and end in the early hours of morning or very late at night. This means that players must have a proper schedule and sleep-cycle to stay attentive and mentally ready to play till the end. 

  • Balanced Diet

Eat a healthy, vegetable and protein based diet! Poker players spend a lot of time sitting in their chairs and as a result slowly become unfit. This not only affects your game but also your body. Staring at the screen for a long time is bad for your eyes. Therefore, keeping a good diet and staying healthy becomes even more important! 

  • Physical Fitness

Yes, people can argue that poker players just have to sit in front of the screen and just play the cards they’re dealt. However, if your body does not support your system when you’re having to put in 10-12 hours grinding daily, then it becomes really tough for you to have good sessions. Therefore, proper physical fitness can be crucial. Before the grind or when you have free time, try to get in a good workout. 

  • Take Long Breaks

If you’re feeling burned out and are not performing to the best of your abilities, do not be afraid to go on a break. Taking that break will give you much needed peace of mind and when you get back to the game, you’ll be better motivated and inclined to perform well! 

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Following a healthy lifestyle and being disciplined takes a lot of effort but if you love the game and want to sustain your position or even reach the top, you must be willing to make the decision and have a proper routine. 

All of these topics have been discussed a lot everywhere and in other blogs, but it’s never enough to remind people of the importance of all these things. After all, poker is a sport and we must treat it as such! 

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