Top 4 Casino Movies To Watch On Netflix

Top 4 Casino Movies To Watch On Netflix

With the country back in lockdown and sitting at home, it’s the perfect opportunity for people who love casino games and poker to watch some of the best movies available on Netflix related to casino games. 

Top 4 Casinos Movies That You Can watch On Netflix! 

  • 21

Based around the game Blackjack, also known as 21, the story covers a team as they try to plan and carry out a heist by utilizing card counting techniques! A lot of the movie is dramatised. However, the movie is actually based on a true story and that’s what makes it even more interesting! 

  • The Gambler

This movie revolves around a university professor who is addicted to gambling! Any time that he’s not teaching at the university, he’s in the casino playing high-stakes poker games in order to pay off his debt. This one is a pretty underrated movie and you guys might actually like this one! 

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  • The Ocean’s Trilogy

One of the most iconic trilogies of all time, the Ocean’s series is the perfect movie marathon for people who love to play casino games and try their luck. The series has a lot of subplots but mainly focuses on performing casino heists. Each film follows the same path, but has different target amounts, different casinos to perform the job and great new storylines for you to follow away from the gambling. 

  • Mississippi Grind

A fun, lighthearted movie about gambling and casino games. This one’s about two characters who go on a trip to play in many different casinos across the united states to make some money. Their goal being a big money game in New Orleans where they hope to win a huge sum and a life changing amount of money! 

You must’ve noticed how we didn’t include the two obvious choices for this list – Casino Royale and Rounders. It’s time people recommend something other than these two!

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