Everything You Need To Know About A Poker Face

poker face

As we all know, there are a lot of technical terms and jargon when it comes to poker. One of the few terms that is famous for things not only in poker but in general is “Poker Face”.  First thing you should know before we get into it is that everything that you do at the table conveys information.

And good players that have experience will be able to use that information against you. In other words, they can read your “tells”. A poker face is simply keeping a blank expression that shows no emotions. In other words, it’s a way to protect yourself from giving away unnecessary information to other people at the table

Reading the mind, expressions and body language of your opponents can be a very powerful tool in the game of poker. When it comes to a professional player, you will not see any expressions or misleading expressions if any, when you’re playing against them.  However, amateur players will make these facial expressions or actions at the table almost unknowingly!

This observation will help you understand the strength or weakness of your opponent. Keeping a poker face is a pretty basic thing if you want to play the game at even a decent level. Learn how to control your emotions and take control of the situation. Stop giving away information needlessly and you’ll start doing much better at the live tables instantly! 

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