Facebook ties up with Ray-ban to introduce Hologram poker games using ‘smart glasses’

Image Source: thesun.co.uk

Remember Gregory Raymer aka “Fossilman”, the professional poker player who wears the iconic lizard eye hologram poker glasses? Well, now it’s set to become a real thing! Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg sees a future for hologram poker games after partnering with Ray-Ban. The company plans to launch its new smart glasses in 2021, giving way for the platform’s future augmented reality (AR). In fact, Zuckerberg announced the smart glasses’ launch window at the Facebook Connect conference.

The CEO revealed his vision for the users, allowing them to bring holograms of their friends into their homes to play poker. Zuckerberg’s dream could turn out to be helpful, especially during the ongoing pandemic, but it’s still quite improbable to make it a reality.

The Verge reported that smart Ray-Ban would not have an integrated display. However, it could have a voice-activated assistant or recording capacity. The glasses’ researchers are also working on a feature that would facilitate ‘perpetual superpowers’ – automatic noise cancellation.

Facebook Reality Labs’ vice president, Hugo Barra is enthralled about the Facebook – Ray-Ban tie-up. He states their first smart glasses will launch next year, and this is only just the beginning – as mentioned on his Twitter post. “The future will be a classic, and it’s coming in 2021,” he added.

We’re still not quite sure about the smart glasses’ features, considering it won’t generate an augmented reality surface, Facebook however said, it will still be part of its goal to enter the AR world. He also states that the smart spectacles would be the company’s next step on achieving reality glasses. He added that he cares about delivering a sense of presence to Facebook users, which could be provided by AR and virtual reality.

The CEO further explained that instead of video chat, Facebook could soon allow users’ hologram to appear on his couch or it could send his hologram to the users’ houses. On the other hand, Facebook’s previously announced ‘Project Aria,’ pair of true augmented reality glasses, could be Zuckerberg’s next step to turn his vision to a possible reality.