The 5 Most Famous Poker Players In India! 

The 5 Most Famous Poker Players In India

Yesterday, we talked about the most famous international poker players in the world. Today, let’s take a look at some of the players who are considered to be legends in our own Indian poker community! 

  • Aditya Agarwal

Considered to be the best poker player in the country, Aditya Agarwal became obsessed with the sport during the early 2000’s after the Moneymaker effect. He switched careers and began his poker journey at the age of 21. He was a frequent player at the WSOP event and in 2007 cashed $34,313 at EPT Barcelona.

In May 2019, he grabbed the top spot in the Deltin Poker Tournament (DPT) Colossus 200K Main Event and went home with $44,784 in tournament winnings. We usually see him grinding big series and highroller events nowadays on various platforms. 

  • Abhishek Goindi

Abhishek Goindi is one of the most loved and famous poker players in the country. He was the first Indian Poker Player of the Year in 2011. He’s now a part time grinder and full-time poker coach at his own Poker Bootcamp India! 

An inspiration to many, Abhishek Goindi has spent his time and effort trying to establish poker as a proper sport and a lifestyle in the country! We all love him, that’s why he’s on this list! 

  • Raghav Bansal

There aren’t many better crushers in the country when we talk about Raghav Bansal. The man is a money minting machine! He won the DPT Main Event in January 2016 and earned $ 45,214 in prize money. In April 2017, Bansal made his largest cash grab of $ 335,910 when he came second at the PokerStars Championship High Roller.

  • Sriharsha Doddapaneni

Probably the best player in the country right now, Sriharsha is another one possessed with sickness when the cards are dealt and chips are put into the pot! 

He has a knack for Highrollers and massive Main Events! Incredibly consistent in big events and a very humble person as well, Sriharsha is highly respected by the Indian poker community! 

  • Abhinav Iyer

One of the most recognizable faces in the Indian Poker Industry, Abhinav Iyer is the 3rd player to bring a WSOP Bracelet back home! He won it in 2019.

Iyer’s trailblazing run through the 2,800-entry field in Event #84: The Closer – $1,500 No-Limit Hold ’em to clinch the much-talked-about solo gold bracelet, and banking a personal-best ~₹3.87 Crores, became the stuff of legends. It’s all anyone in the domestic circuit talked about for months.

This is our list of Top 5 most famous poker players in the country. We’ve missed a few because we have so many incredible players in our industry and we hope we can keep building on that! 

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