FREE Poker Courses launched by Rounder University, in partnership with Rounder Casino

Image Source: Rounder University

Great news for ardent poker lovers and learners! In partnership with Rounder Casino, two new courses from Rounder University have become available for all. What’s best? They’re both absolutely free for everyone to access!

Rounder University is a channel dedicated to teaching players about poker for free. In spite of offering paid courses of content, they focus on fundamental poker strategy, tips and coaching for No-Limit Texas Hold’em along with specific strategies and poker lessons for anyone who’s willing to learn and improve their game.


The first course is a Beginner Course on No-Limit Hold’em Fundamentals. Rounder University gears this course towards new players or anyone that wants to go back and review the basics of poker. You can access the beginner course on the Rounder University YouTube channel.


The second course is an Advanced No-Limit Hold’em Poker Strategy Course. This one is a deep dive into the skills and strategy that will help you move up in stakes. You can access the advanced course on


The advanced course is an ongoing course, which will include topics such as playing the river, preflop – rake, skill, time, energy, studying preflop, understanding polarization, facing a donk bet, using software to study and improve amongst many more. Also, if you want to take your poker game to the next level sign up for their free poker coaching. You will learn advanced poker strategy in a group setting, follow a lesson plan and get feedback on your play. All their content ranges from beginner poker strategy, tips, and lessons all the way up to advanced cash game strategies using game theory and advanced poker software.


You can also become a part of their great community and chat with all of the members and players in the joint Rounder University/Rounder Casino Discord server.




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