The Funniest On-Screen Poker Moments Of All Time

The Funniest On-Screen Poker Moments Of All Time

Poker has had many memorable moments across history. Today we’re going to be looking at some of the funniest moments in poker history! Poker is not only about the cards, it’s also about the players and their antics at the table. Let’s dive straight in:

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: S02E04 – The Shrimp Incident

Larry David, the writer for one of the most popular shows of all time, Seinfeld, had decided not to write ever again after the reaction to the show’s ending. Fortunately for us though, that was a passing fancy and he eventually decided to pick up his pen and write Curb Your Enthusiasm which was released in 2000.

In this episode, Larry commits one of his classic faux-pas’ by imploring everyone at the poker table to call Julia. Once everyone has folded their hands, Larry embarks on a Spanish inquisition to find out why they folded. The scene is full of swear words so we’ll just leave this here:

  • Seinfeld: S06E13 – The Scofflaw

Curb Your Enthusiasm wasn’t the first time Larry David created a funny poker scene. In this great episode of the sitcom, poker terminology is used by George and Jerry to discuss the issue of a friend having cancer.

In the scene, Jerry tells George that his friend Gary has cancer and Jerry didn’t tell George about this because Gary has a bad poker face and cannot keep a secret. Later on, George meets up with Gary who tells him that he never had cancer and has been living a lie.

If you’re not very good with making a poker face at the table, you’ll like this scene a lot! 

  • Kevin Hart Plays Accidentally Amazing Poker

One of the most popular poker clips/hands of all time. This happened at the PokerStars Championship Cash Challenge between Kevin Hart and the online qualifier Mila Monroe who had promised to bluff Kevin before the table began. Mila started the hand with 6-high and kept bluffing on all streets.

Kevin just had King high and it was really the perfect spot to bluff Kevin Hart off the hand! However, Kevin had apparently misread his hand and thought that he had a  straight! So when Mila shoves her stack on the river, Kevin snap calls her and overturns his own cards to see that he has K-high! 

It’s all okay in the end though for the comedian because despite his misreading, he still had a higher hand than Munroe. After the hand, he gives $15,000 back to Munroe because he feels bad about accidentally beating her mega bluff. It truly is one of the most insane and mixed feelings type of hand in poker ever!

  • Friends: S01E18 – The One With all the Poker

One of my personal favorites from the iconic series. In the episode the boys are talking about a poker game that made Joey cry the night before and the girls enquire as to why they’ve never been asked to play poker. Ross tells them that they are welcome to play and asks them if they know how to.

The boys end up trying to teach the girls the rules of the game. However, the highlight of the scene is when Pheobe throws away Jacks because they didn’t look happy! 

Check out all the scenes on YouTube and decide what’s your favourite! 

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