The IIM’s and IIT’s Boosting Poker!


The poker industry in the country has exponentialized rapidly and keeps on growing with every day that passes. Can you imagine the last time when something as radical as a card game, to which people refer to as “gambling”, could ever take up a position as a full fledged course in universities?

The rise of poker has been greatly facilitated over the past 3-4 years by the top colleges in the country, including IIM, IIT, MDI Gurgaon etc. The alumni of these prestigious colleges and universities have been offering poker classes and hosting nation-wide poker events to promote and teach about how poker is not just a game where you gamble your money, but something where strategies, preparation and instincts are the real winners than fortune. 

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LiveMint has been doing interviews with some of the alumni of these universities, and  Khushal Chaudhary, a graduate of IIT-Delhi had this to say; “Poker is all about math and psychology. Calculating the strength of your own position and picking up on subtle cues of the opponent when making choices is part of a thrilling decision-making process, and is what makes the game so enjoyable.”

The National Poker Series (NPS), which begins from the 29th of April, will give the upcoming talent and professional players of the game another platform to showcase their skill and abilities; and to compete at a grand scale event at considerably low buy-ins.

A student of IIM, Bangalore and an avid poker player, Jimitesh Singla has been very excited about the prospect of playing in the NPS. Jimitesh has been a winner of’s inter-college event, where he came out on top in a field of over 300 players.

As reported by LiveMint, he went on to say that, “Traditionally, live poker is seen as a high-stakes game that involves a lot of money, but the NPS gives a chance to everyone to compete. Since it’s a nationwide tournament, there is more than just prize money at stake. It’s bragging rights as to who is the best player in the country.”

Ankit Chaturvedi, another poker enthusiast and the runner up of the same event said,Playing live poker is an experience in itself. The venue for the NPS is world-class and with people from all over expected to come, it’s comparable to an international experience.”

NPS also presents an opportunity for the players to fight for the precious Leaderboard prizes which include all expenses paid trips to Las Vegas where they will get a chance to compete in some of the biggest live events in poker.

NPS will run from 29th April to 5th May in Panjim, Goa. Those interested in participating can visit National Poker Series. Players can also win all-expense paid packages to Goa by playing on, the official satellite partner for the event.

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