Online Poker Timing Tells: What Should You Do?

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There are tells in live poker, there are tells in online poker. There are tells in every format of poker. PAY ATTENTION because this is tricky business: when it comes to online poker and if you’re new to the scene, you should know that timing (bet-pacing, if you may) is one huge tell.

If someone called your preflop raise and is taking an extraordinary amount of time to act before checking, then they are much more likely to have a weak hand. Online tells aren’t all that different from live ones. Some people will aggressively grab chips to make it seem like they’re ready to call any bet of yours as a way to intimidate.

The golden rule of poker tells is strong means weak, at poker rooms and casinos. Usually, people try and act meek with big hands like trips, and the same applies to online play.

We see players trying to slow down others if they defended their big blind to a raise, and fake tank before checking the flop. They’re hoping to get a free turn card with a weak hand. Very rarely a player who does this can call two quick bets on the flop and the turn without drastic improvement to their hand.

If a player takes a long time before shoving the river, run. Bluffers usually have a plan to bluff and want to look strong by acting fast, so they are much less likely to timebank-bluff. They try to scare you with speed. When someone does the opposite though, be very afraid.

If a player repeatedly calls raises quickly preflop, they are usually a fish. Why is that?

Live and online, players who call insta-call with their hands were probably never thinking about raising, and most likely don’t three-bet very often. It isn’t how they think, at all. Experienced players would consider either re-raising or folding hands like King-Ten suited. For weaker players, it’s a snap-call.

Pro players play multiple tables. And it’ll take longer for them to act; the more hands someone plays online, the more likely they are playing only on at that table, and are recreational.

Ever seen an action player taking ages before every bet? No, because they like action. Whether the settings are live or online, people won’t change. Such players don’t have the patience, or see the need to balance their timing. In basic words, someone who acts fast carves excitement.

Timing tells are of high value. And if you are a player at an online poker table, it might frustrate you if all other players are taking their time and pausing. If people are acting quickly, they’re most likely to have fun. Action players are looking to see a whole bunch of flops in case their cards hit. They’re all-in on that one game, which means you might want to be all-in with them.