Few Reasons Why People Prefer Online Poker Than Live Poker! 

Few Reasons Why People Prefer Online Poker Than Live Poker

Poker has been a very popular game at the casinos for a long time but now, it’s become even more popular online! Over the last 15-20 years, access to the internet has allowed people to play the game online and nowadays, some might even consider poker to be primarily a digital activity! 

Today, we’re going to be listing out a few obvious reasons why people are starting to prefer online poker as the primary form of the game rather than playing live at casinos:- 


The most obvious reason is the convenience of online poker. You can simply deposit money and start playing your favourite stakes and variants immediately. This became extremely relevant during the worst of the pandemic when people had been in lockdown and took to mobile gaming in order to pass time. The industry has been booming since then! 


Over the years, as online gaming has become more relevant, we’ve seen game developers and platforms partnering with payment services and fraud detectors in order to make transactions more safe and secure. 

This has had a particularly important impact on internet and mobile poker and casino gaming, in that it reassures players (and particularly newcomers) that their deposits are safe with digital casinos.

That’s not to say issues can’t arise, but the more sophisticated structures for online poker transactions have certainly helped the game to grow over the years.

Access To Odds

Players who have a lot of experience playing the game can make decisions and understand odds better than recreational players. Playing live makes it harder for less experienced players when it comes to making tough decisions. 

This parity between the players when it comes to calculating odds is cut down when you’re playing online because players can use equity calculators on their laptops and phones and choose whenever they want to take a spot. 


Mobile and online poker allows you to play multiple tables at the same time. This makes the game a lot more interesting and engaging rather than just sitting in one chair and waiting for a hand to actually participate like you would have to do in a casino. 

Social Safety

Some people find it easier for themselves to play and interact with online poker than live. For people who aren’t confident or equipped with the tools to handle social environments like a casino, it can be a really daunting task for them to concentrate properly on the game with everything around them. 

Online, people can socialise if they choose to, but are also free to enjoy the game without much actual interaction with other players. These few points are what make online poker more popular and it just gives people more comfort and peace of mind.

Hopefully, as the casinos start to reopen in Goa, we can see the action resume at the live tables as well! For more interesting poker reads and strategy blogs, keep reading India Poker News