Poker 101: Choosing an Online Poker Table

Image Source : North East Connected

A game like poker involves a whole lot to think about especially in your early days – strategy, risk taking, managing your bankroll, time management, constantly learning the game, understanding your hands, and carefully choosing which poker table to play. When it comes to poker with real money, picking out the right table is a difficult task because you’re going against players from all walks of life and regions, they’re hiding behind screen names which means their true identity is concealed from you. You only know them through their gameplay.

Several factors are to be considered while choosing a poker table online and we can help you out with that. Here are some of the most essential points you must look out for before choosing any given table in front of you:


The stakes in a table refer to the size of the small and big blind, along with the bets involved. For instance, you have stakes of 100/200 in a table, the small blind is 100 while the big blind is 200. Look for the stakes you want to go for.


A specified number of players are permitted to sit at each table. This factor is important because you need to know how many players are actually playing at a table. A 5/9 table indicates that the table will allow a maximum of 9 players, but only 5 are actually competing.


Average Pot Size is the average winning pot for a particular table. It also gives you an insight as to what kind of table you’d be looking at for playing. Apart from this, you need to consider the limit, table speed and the wait list as well.


Before you pick a table, try to take note of the number of players who are not folding pre-flop – these players are the ones who see the flop. If there is 50% player per flop on a table of 10 players, this would mean there are 5 players who see each flop – meaning the pot has at least 5 big blinds.


They say that a table giving you a higher win rate is the table full of weak people, or players who are not as skilled as you, or the ones you refer to them as ‘fish’. How can you tell if a table has weak or fish players? Just look for the player per flop stat in each table. A higher figure would indicate increased number of weak players competing in that table. These players tend to chase losses, resulting in poor hand selection. If you’re looking for your kind of table, look at the player per flop. A 20% player per flop table would be a good place to start.