Poker face bids adieu! Casino dealers hand cards face up as UK govt introduces new safety measures

Image Source: Business Insider

Players who’ve spent ages perfecting their poker face will be sad to hear they will no longer need one. Yep, that’s right! As the UK government finally allows casinos to open up, dealers will hand out cards face up as part of safety rules and regulations to stop players from touching the cards.

This will help reduce any potential spread of the virus within gaming arenas, however some venues have said that they will still allow their customers to handle their own chips.

This particular approach is said to suit card games like Blackjack and it can also make others like three-card poker easier.

Usually, players are handed the cards face down and they make a bet if they believe they can beat the dealer. The dealer’s cards will still be hidden, but the additional advantage of seeing the other’s cards could help them work out what the dealer holds.

The owner of Hippdrome Casino in London, Simon Thomas stated that it sure gives the customers a slight advantage but it is a necessary move right now. They’ve put Perspex screens at the table and all live action will be done seated. They key thing for them and for everybody else is to ensure all players feel secure without it being oppressive.

It is also believed that the advantage will not be significant enough that it leads to major losses. Caesars Entertainment confirmed on the same, ‘It’s very marginal.’

As customers arrive at the casino, they’ll be met with thermal imaging systems and greeted by staff wearing face visors. One such game called craps, where large groups gather around a table to bet on how the dice roll, can no longer go ahead due to the new arrangements to stop the spread of the virus.

What do you think about this new safety measure? Do you feel its justified?