Spot Your Own Poker Tells


The most important skill in a game of poker is to be able to read your opponents. One is better equipped to play the game if one can decipher their opponent’s tells. So it’s important as a poker player to master reading poker tells.

However most often than not, since players are so focused on reading their opponent’s tells, they forget their own. So if your opponent is beating you to it, you need to be often reflecting on your tells! Let’s look at ways in which you learn to master your own tells and get rid of them too. 

Be Aware of Your Hands

Hands are probably an easy give away in game of poker since it can’t be masked with a hoodie or sunglasses! Well we don’t see poker players in mittens yet! 

People have different tells that they battle and hands could be a tough one for a few. So if you’re the kind that gets jittery hands or gesture wildly while bluffing, be more mindful and practice laying them gently on a surface. 

Mirror Mirror on the wall

When it comes to how you look when you play poker, you probably know far less. The only way to fix that is to play in front of a mirror! While you could be checking how good looking you are, also observe your posture and body movements. 

Is there a slight slouch? Do you lean forward? Sit up straight or get fidgety? Make mental note of these points as you record a game in front of a mirror. Observe patterns and note if they constitute a tell or are just part of your natural body rhythm. 

Facial Expressions

Record yourself playing a few hands. Now, as you watch the video, can you tell if you were winning or losing? Do you smile? Snort? Frown? Laugh? If you do, consciously make an effort to stop it. Any of those actions are great tells.

Eye Movement

As we all know, our eyes are the windows to our souls, and of all tells, they are the hardest to disguise. That should explain why so many poker players wear sunglasses. While you could use them as a cover throughout your games, you could also practice through constant repetition and train your eyes to giveaway less. 

Keep an eye on other players’ reaction to your reaction

When you play poker in real life, watch other people watching you. This will begin to give you an understating of what they are trying to look for in you and when you’re revealing this tell. Once you master this, a whole new gamut of new tells can be explored to keep your opponent guessing.

Blood pressure cuff

A game of poker is all about the adrenaline. But that blood rush could be a tell too! It is often possible that when you miss a straight or pick up great cards, your cheeks will flush or you will find some other way to turn red. While you might think, this could be stretching it a bit too far, well poker has gotten competitive my friends and you don’t want your rouge to be giving it away!

Time changes in your speed of play

Keep track using the lap timer on your mobile stopwatch to record how quickly you make your bets and see if you have any patterns. Chances are you’re either faster or slower when bluffing or when you have a strong hand. Chances are your opponent’s have noted this well before you!

So if you are serious about your game and getting ahead of the curve, we suggest you get going with studying your own tells. You do not want to be losing too much because your non-verbal cues are shouting out extra tells to your opponents. Beat them before they beat you! 


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