Top 5 Poker Podcasts That’ll Get You Through This Mundanity of Self-Isolation


Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the recent present, and with the times we’re currently living in it’s sure to increase even further. Before we start to talk about the best of poker podcasts through this list right here, let’s dwell a little on what a podcast really is.

A podcast is a similar analogy of what we did as students to record lectures so that we could take better notes later. And with a digital boom in the current generation, we get the privilege to download, listen, and stream podcasts from various platforms on each and every niche possible be it culture, urban myths, art, tech, gaming, design, etc.

Poker isn’t an exception to this. In our list here, there are specific podcasts which can help you to improve your game, but you can also find tons of shows, which are made especially for entertainment purposes. Many of them also host special tournaments and promotions, which adds extra value to the whole experience. We’ve included links to these podcasts as well so as to eliminate the hassle of searching it on the web:

  1. The Red Chip Poker Podcast: There’s a reason this one bags the top spot. With 2+ million downloads, the RCP Podcast has grown in popularity and quality. It’s invaluable to beginners and pros alike and hosts interviews and coaching sessions with accomplished people in the poker industry. The coaches cover various poker formats and limits and chances are you’ll find expert advice for your choice of game. Live and online are both their forte so you can receive incredible tips to perfect your strategy on either.

Listen to their podcasts on Spotify and YouTube.

  1. Poker on The Mind Podcast: Perfect merger of strategy and game of the mind. As the name suggests, this podcast focuses on the benefits of a strong mental game becoming more important as the stakes get higher. Hosted by two Red Chip Poker coaches, the show is a fresh take on the game with updates on their lives and poker play along with player interviews.

If you’re a tournament player, definitely add this podcast to your list!

  1. Ante Up Magazine Podcast: One of the oldest out of the lot! Launched in 2005, the Ante Up Podcast provides all kinds of content – news, strategies, lifestyle, live tournament coverage and more. Various segments of the show constitute names like O’Mally’s Move, Hand of the Week and Listener’s Spotlight. In fact, you can actively participate in the last podcast, which is another great advantage of the show. The best part? All their content comes with a bunch of humor making the entire experience even more engaging.

Listen to their podcasts here.

  1. Thinking Poker Podcast: Involving a blend of strategies, lifestyle and weekly news on exciting poker events, this podcast creates a balance in the most interesting way. It digs deeper in the life of a poker player and brings exclusive details from behind the scenes. You’ll also find poker celebrity interviews and may learn a thing or two about their careers. Plus, you’ll receive some great material on hidden aspects of the game from people who have first-hand experience.

The show hosts occasionally review poker books as well along with reviewing specific poker hands to provide for a better perspective on certain situations.

Go through their list of podcasts here.

  1. The Rake: The Rake is a poker podcast from Phil Galfond’s training site, Run It Once. This show will keep you updated on all the hot poker gossip and news you may have missed otherwise. Episodes release every week, covering everything from scandals to the Galfond challenge. This might not give you hardcore strategy or tournament tips, but expect to be amazingly entertained throughout.

Listen to their podcasts on Pokerfuse and YouTube.

Podcasts are a great way to receive some incredible poker tips wherever you are in the world. With the podcast popularity increasing each year, there might be some cool new additions in the market sooner rather than later. In the meantime, take this period of #quarantine to improve your poker skillset, and therefore perfecting your game with the above list.


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