Top 3 Playing Cards For Poker

Top 3 Playing Cards For Poker

A good quality deck of cards is everything that a poker game needs. However, you’d be interested to know that playing cards are not all the same! One of the most popular playing cards companies, Bicycle Playing Cards are not that high quality! 

Bicycle Playing Cards and Bee Playing Cards are usually created with a vinyl or plastic coating. They are not as expensive as the top brands and are easy accessible but they’re not ideal for playing poker. 

When it comes to the best types of playing cards for poker, 100 percent plastic cards are the preferred choice. These high quality, professional playing cards are the same type you can find in casinos around the world. 

Top 3 Brands That Produce The Best Playing Cards For Poker

KEM Playing Cards

KEM Playing Cards are manufactured by the United States Playing Cards Company and are considered to be one of the best in the game. These cards have also been used for the World Poker Tour as well. 

They’re manufactured with 100% cellulose acetate plastic and they’re also thinner than most of its competitors. They have a light, paper-like feel that intently takes after what any club table game player would be accustomed to. KEM cards are likewise not very smooth and slippery, guaranteeing they don’t slide around when set on the table. 

While they are slightly more costly than other brands, the sturdy plastic development of KEM Playing Cards guarantees they’ll keep going for countless poker games.

COPAG Playing Cards

COPAG playing cards are one of Cartmundi’s premium sets of cards. They’re also the official playing cards used in the World Series Of Poker. Most eminently, the 100% PVC plastic Copag 1546 line of playing a game of cards are viewed as an immediate contender to KEM Playing Cards. 

While some poker purists have voiced their concerns about the cards’ slippery feel and blunt illustrations, Copag cards are one of the highest quality and cheaper poker decks you can purchase. They are an ideal decision for most poker players.

MODIANO Playing Cards

Made in Italy, Modiano Playing Cards are probably the thickest and heaviest decks of cards available. While their sturdier stock is very recognizable from the outset, numerous poker players accept that, when you become acclimated to their weight, Modiano Playing Cards have the best feel of any top of the line poker deck.

They likewise offer an enormous assortment of alternatives like the standard index and jumbo index Da Vinci Ruote Playing Cards. These are India Poker News’ top 3 playing cards for poker! 

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