7 Uncommon Poker Terms Explained!

poker terms

Poker is a very technical game and it requires people to know the meaning of certain words that only the people who know about the game use! Today, we’ll tell you some more technical terms that you may not have heard of so that you can understand our strategy blogs better! 

  • Barrel

Barrel is the term used to describe when a person is betting, especially on consecutive streets. For example, “The player bet on the flop and barreled again on turn and river.”

  • Verbal Declaration

At a poker table, you must be careful about what you say because anything you say can be declared as an action by the dealer. For example, if you want to check, you can simply tap the table or say “check”. 

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Similarly, if you say that you want to bet Rs.1000 and you put out a Rs.5000 chip, your bet will be considered as a bet of only Rs.1000 by the dealer. You can also verbally declare your bet without putting in the chips simultaneously. 

  • Cap

There are multiple meanings to the term “Cap” in poker depending on the context.

1) To reach the maximum number of bets allowed in a limit game. For example, certain limit games allow for a bet and three raises. A player “caps it” after they put in the third raise.

2) Certain games, especially cash games online, have a specific amount cap. In these games, each player is not allowed to put in more than that amount.

  • Squeeze

There are two types of “squeezes” in poker. The first one is when you squeeze your cards together to see your hand.

The other meaning refers to a situation preflop where a player three-bets after a raise and one or more calls. The initial raiser’s holdings may now seem inferior facing a raise and a call, and the caller(s) may now feel “squeezed” out of the pot following the three-bet. 

  • Dominating

Dominating means hands that are big underdogs pre-flop. For example, aces vs kings. This could also be used for hands such as AT vs A5!

  • Last Longer

Last Longer or Last Man Standing is a side bet made between the players as to who will be able to last longer during a tournament. The last player to be eliminated will win this side bet. 

  • Jam

Jamming is basically going all in. For example, “I jammed my stack of 20 big blinds with AJ.” 

Hopefully, our new list of uncommon poker terms helped you learn something new and would make it easier for you to understand what poker people are saying.

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