Jaswant Kumar Performs Wonderfully To Bag The 10 LAC GTD 6-max Deepstack Event


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Jaswant prepared to grab the opportunity to meet the success in poker world!

Jaswant Kumar recently won the Main Event of Day 2, 10 LAC GTD 6-max Deepstack event. The event resulted in the Prizepool shooting up to 18 LAC! It was eventually “Intruder” who finished at the top of the pack, winning a cool Rs 342,000 in Prize money.

His excitement was on another peak and we could feel it when we had a word with him.

“It was really a great feeling to win the tourney. Since this event was very crucial to win, to play the rest of PPL events” said Jaswant.

Going on with the interview, the team asked about his experience in the tournament, to which he said, “Game was very competitive. Some people were playing were tight and some loose, I tried to pickup best spots where I can accumulate more chips without risking much. Even a single mistake would have caused to lower rank in the tourney. I tried to play  very disciplined poker.” Additionally, he said, “It was a great experience. Since this was my first PPL Special Edition participation and this win boosted my confidence in tourneys. I mostly play cash games.”

“I got introduced to the poker game by a friend and used to play for fun in college. Later, I started playing the online poker game for real cash. This is how my journey has started with poker and continuing” quoted Jaswant.

In near future, Jaswant wants to play higher stakes cash games and WSOP. He loves playing poker and carries it as a passion. Apart from poker, we could see his interest in watching movies and TV series, playing cricket and traveling.

Next, the team asked if he had any special moment/hand in the tourney? Jaswant mentioned, “There were many special moments. There was a big hand which I would like to share. It was final table 5 handed, cutoff(lag) has opened standard 2.5bb , small blind (lag) and he decided to 3-bet to 8bb. I was holding ATo in big blind position, now I had a decision to either fold this hand or 4-bet and get the pot. I decided to 4-bet to 17bb, cutoff folds and small blind decided to call. Flop comes to XXX(X is number card ) SB checks. I bet 1/3 pot and he folds. This hand gave me a big chip lead.”

Going further the team asked about his plans on playing the soon- to- come tournaments,
To which he replied,  “I will be playing The ENDEAVOUR weekly event on Tuesday’s. Also heard a lot about The MoneyMaker which is going to be a very big event. I think this is the biggest guarantee tourney on any Indian poke site. It has very low buy in amount compared to the prize pool, It gives an opportunity to the middle stakes player to win a huge amount.

” I would like to say that if they really like playing poker and not doing well, spend a lot of more time in learning and understanding the game, either through watching videos or reading books or may be getting personal coaching” suggested Jaswant before calling it a wrap.

Stay tuned, we bring a lot of interesting stories of our poker players!

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