Ramlakhan Meena Doubled His Diwali Celebration By Winning Diwali Cash League


Ramlakhan Meena doubled his Diwali celebration by winning an iPhone X  after topping the Diwali Cash League Leaderboard on PokerBaazi.com! One month of continuous efforts led to his remarkable win!

How do you feel about winning an iPhone X?


First of all, I would like to thank PokerBaazi.com for such an amazing promotion. It’s good to be playing on PokerBaazi.com. I was waiting for such a promotion which can make me crazy for poker and the Diwali Cash League with iPhone x was perfect.

You had been grinding for a month to win this. What strategies did you build up?

For this league, I started playing on 22nd of Oct and in no time I had covered my opponent’s scores with astonishing speed. I played more than 16 hours a day – that was the tough part my iPhone X journey.  After that, I played 12 hours a day. As such, I had no planned strategies.

With all that work and now a big result, do you plan to play more tournaments on PokerBaazi.com?

Yes, I would love to play more tournaments on PokerBaazi.com, though, I am still learning and understanding the formats of the portal.

The next editions of PokerBaazi Premier League & The MoneyMaker 1 Crore GTD are already announced; do we see you joining the action?

Undoubtedly, Yes!

Any words of advice for fellow Baazigars?

“Play many small stack tournaments and freerolls before trying your hands on the massive tournaments. So, before you go in for the huge stakes always remember to practice.”

Thanks for answering all questions. Here’s a quick-fire round to wrap things up:

  • Cash games or tournaments?

Cash games

  • Favourite Poker Hand?

5 7 suited

  • Your poker idol?

 Tom Dwan

  • Best poker buddy?


  • Favourite poker movie?


  • Favourite snack at the table?

Prefer drinks instead of snacks.

Thank You Ramlakhan for sparing some time and responding to all our questions. Wish you all the best for upcoming tourneys!