Nikhil Gutta wins “The Endeavour 10 LAC GTD”


Indian Poker news is here with Nikhil Gutta, winner of The Endeavour 10 LAC GTD. To the record, Nikhil has been one of them, who have been participating in most of the tournaments. Yes, he had played a lot of tourneys on! Resulting, he has now won this event.

To know Nikhil’s excitement, the team had scheduled an interview which went very well with a lot of information could be pulled from the interview.

The team started off by asking about the level of happiness and emotions he had been feeling about the victory. With a huge smile, he said, “I am feeling very excited and happy. This is my biggest tournament win to the date. I had played a lot of tourney in the PokerBaazi but this was my first huge win.”

Next question was, how tough was the field? What do you think about the players in the tournament? The field was huge and pretty tough! Madan Mohan, hdwivedi, Andy Beal, Salmanbhai were the players that came to notice as they were quite competitive players.

When asked about his experience while playing in the tourney he responded, “The overall experience was very good. Learned a lot. Though I won the event, watching the players and scenario, I felt I need to improve my game a lot in few spots. This is how the process goes on, you watch and learn and then you play better!”

Further, the team asked him about the special moments he had during the play? He said, after reaching the FT, Andy Beal was playing very aggressive with the massive chip lead. When I got jacks in one hand, I raised, he three bet, I four bet, he five bet and then I shoved and he folded. He was actually making a move. That was the best hand for me as that led me stood for 2nd in chips after that hand. That was the special hand for me!”

When asked about the advice he would like to share with his fellow baazigars, he naively said, that he was just a beginner and had to learn a lot and cannot pass any advice to the seniors but wished good luck to all the fellow Baazigars.

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