Anuj ‘aatmaan’ Kodam Ships the first Summit of 2018,


Last year, Anuj “aatmaan” Kodam, a pro in stellar form, cut through an 800-entry field to ship the Moneymaker. In addition to the hefty prize of INR 30.27 Lac, Anuj won himself the MoneyMaker bracelet and a place in the history books. Of course, it did not stop there. Last week, Anuj took first place in the newly revamped ‘Summit’ tournament in

Anuj spoke to IPN recently regarding his latest triumph as well as the current and growing state of poker in India:

I was watching Kunal Patni’s deep run in WPT today (gg sir!) and re-realised how funny tournaments are, with just a turn of a card, miraculously the effort of the second is nullified with the glory of first.

So, life’s been kind. Waking up and doing not just what you want to, but to work upon yourselves to achieve what you really want.

Winning the recent PokerBaazi‘s Summit gives me an other opportunity to talk to you guys.

To talk about the game itself, it was a pretty shallow structure towards the end, I entered FT as the shortest stack, but average stack was pretty shallow at 15bb, stayed patient, picked right spots, moved up, once we were 4 way, got to a chiplead, played Icm well, kept the pressure on. Eventually won it with hitting Quads on the last hand, almost poetic.

2017 was really huge for Indian poker scene, with GTDs meeting international levels, Aditya Sushant A.K.A ‘Gangajal’ (Sushi bhai) shipping bracelet & Indian’s showing great performances all over the world, PSL getting Vishwanathan Anand to endorse the game, StakeKings & GPL entering India, Stables like AlphaGrinders, Rungood, AceJack, IPP, all working towards building world class players. I think all these lay a great foundation for what’s about to come. The poker boom is here and Indian’s have arrived in the global scene. Like in yesterday’s commentary, rightly said India vs Germany it is!

Personally, 2017 was like GTA, like a video game character finally waking up and do whatever he wants. Millionaire laid the foundation, HighRoller gave the boost & MoneyMaker set the tone, to top it off with a cash in MPC & WSOPE in my first international tournaments. More than all of this, these wins gave me an opportunity to meet some wonderful people.

I recently joined hands with Rishabh & Clawin at RunGood. The reason I got into poker is because I felt the dialogue about the game I loved so much was always in the genre of gambling & human vices. Contrarily for me this game was about building great virtues as human beings, seeing our limitations & overcoming them in the process of getting better as players. I was really glad to find that alignment at RunGood, where IT IS that pursuit of virtues. This gives me a great opportunity to share this perspective with driven individuals and go on a shared journey of excellence.

If only I told you the flashy parts.

Between every win is this long hauls of heartbreaks of (sometimes weeks feel like years) not performing your best.The daily grind is the real deal, the frustrations of making mistakes, the wisdom to understand and explore the underlying principles and the euphoria of learning from them. It’s been a joyful journey.

And for what’s to come in 2018 and ahead, I would say FUTURAMA.

The poker worlds gonna change as we knew, the players, the ecosystem, the operators, the information aggregators, the facilitators, the media, the dialogue all are about to go to the next level.

Leagues working towards creating a strong player pool, International exposure leveling up our game, operators giving high GTDs inspiring the avg Joe to step-up his game & compete with the pros, stables creating foundationally strong players, international media coverage putting the spotlight, the crushers excelling under pressure and bringing home glory!

You may say, I’m a dream, but I’m not the only one.

The year has already began, let’s get to work!