PokerBaazi’s Baazi Super Sunday 15 LAC GTD Winner

PokerBaazi Winner Sahil
PokerBaazi Winner Sahil

Today we have last Sunday’s’s Baazi Super Sunday 15 LAC GTD winner sharing his experiences about the moments in the tournament.

Excitedly, Sahil spoke that he felt wonderful after the victory in the tournament on Further, he added, It had been a pretty long time that he played but didn’t get lucky enough to win the tourneys but this time he nailed it to something huge!

Furthermore, when asked about the field toughness and surroundings, “The field was a good mix of good regulars and recreational players and thus a lot of fun playing it” responded Sahil.

Sahil, being a professional poker player, has the additional tag of being a coach/investor in India’s biggest poker stable IndianPokerPros. While talking about his journey through the tourney, he said: “I ran pretty well throughout the tournament, winning flips and getting there when I got called semi bluffing.

Together with that, he said, he had a moment when he was 3/4, he flopped a set and opponent hit his straight on the turn and the boards paired up to give him a boat in a pot which was substantial and pretty much decided the winner.

At the end of this conversation, Sahil had these kind words for, “PokerBaazi has come up with this great mtt spread and a lovely platform for all the baazigars to battle out in the game they all love.

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