Kalpesh Mehta finishes Runner-Up on Baazi Super Sunday 10 Lakh GTD Deepstack Re-Entry.

“Poker takes a day to learn but a lifetime to master”

Kalpesh Mehta

On June 11th, 2017, at 21:00 hrs., Implementing the acquired skill and scoring the best hand rankings, Kalpesh Mehta took a shot at taking down the Baazi Super Sunday(10 LAC GTD). He bagged the runners up rank pocketing a startling 1, 95,200.

Playing poker since last six years, Mehta majorly plays live cash games in Bangalore. The Baazi Super Sunday win is an addition to his past wins inventory including finishing 2nd in the Main Event of PokerBaazi Premier League.

The extravagant win of the satellite tourney was a fantastic experience for “joecada”. Motivated Kalpesh feels that satellite tourneys boosts the poker player’s confidence and provides a virtual platform to improve one’s game quotient. In addition to his wins, he would also like to intensify his Poker quotient.

From the beginning of the intricate game, Mehta aimed at playing an aggressive game to advance to the top 30. “At the beginning of the tourney, what I had in mind was to play rock solid because lots of players play aggressive just to get to the top in the first few attempts. My first target was at least to be in top 30 from the beginning. Later after the rebuy period was over, I played little aggressive at selected good spots”.

Battling out confidently with the least chip count at the final table with 15BB, Mehta shoved with AQ of Hearts. Opportunely he tripled up to 5th position and set his new target to advance to the final three competitors. Making it to the heads up against “impthedwarf”, the game came to a close relegating Mehta to the second position by Pulkit Totla’s double stack.

Mehta has been playing on PokerBaazi since last two years and has had a wonderful experience on the online Poker website. “It is a wonderful experience on the website. The software, the support team and the Baazi team is giving almost everything a player needs including exposure, promotions, value tourneys, amazing packages.”

Adding further, he was intrigued by the new and improved user-friendly software, the receptive support team, promotions, the TDS free online poker action. And also liked the fact that one can choose from numerous tables varying from ½ blinds to 250/500 and called the PokerBaazi website to be “a one-stop online poker website for all the Indian Poker zealots”.

Underscoring the celebrated poker quote “Poker takes a day to learn but a lifetime to master”, Mehta told PokerBaazi that a player needs to grow through what he endures in the game. One should learn to takes notes of the made mistakes and should rectify them. This helps to evolve the game. Poker novices can reach out and seek advice from the various learned Pros through their social media platforms. “There are a lot of smart players in India. You need to be smart enough to be in the competition. Hence, get all the basics right, develop your game and give your best. And one last thing neither one win qualifies you as a Pro, nor does losing one game makes you a loser. Every day is a new beginning and the learning is its most integral part. Once you learn and give your best, you can earn;p”

Together PokerBaazi and Kalpesh Mehta would like to advise the poker enthusiasts to keep advancing one’s skill set and keep playing.

For further detailed information about the Baazi Super Sundays, you can click on https://goo.gl/f7v1Vb