Mid-Week Special: Winners and Highlights PPL Special Edition

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The 5+ Crore GTD PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition has reached the half-way mark with the conclusion of the first four Days of play. Plenty of action on the felts produced many big winners thus far, and the good news is that things are only warming up. Over the next four days, tons of massive events are set to take place, headlined by the 1 CR GTD PPL SE Main Event – The MoneyMaker on April 28th.

Let’s take a look at how the first 4 Days played out:

Day 1

This time around, the PPL SE kicked-off on a Sunday, and played host to the BSS 25L event in addition to two starting flights to the 50L guaranteed multi-day event, The Endeavour. Here are the Day’s results:

PPL #1: Flight 1A The Endeavour (50L GTD)

Chip Leader:  Dhiren “Sharpshooter” Rupani (4,65,551 chips)


Winner: Vaibhav “vane_shadow” Temani (INR 1,96,310)

Runner-up: Guruprasad “fish_calling” Gupta INR (1,13,537)

PPL #3: BSS SuperStack (25L GTD)

Winner: Nishant “nishant177” Sharma (INR 7,84,125)

Runner-up: Rajesh “intervntion” Shukla (INR 4,45,875)

PPL #4: BSS MegaStack (5L GTD)

Winner: Ankit “akj290” Jajodia (INR 1,97,650)

Runner-up: “Praveenmac” (INR 1,14,312)

PPL #5:  Flight 1B The Endeavour (50L GTD)

Chip Leader: “thepokerplayer” (4,23,595 chips)

Complete Day 1 highlights

Day 2

Day 2 of the PPL SE was dominated by upcoming poker sensation Gaurav “gaug17” Sood, who took down the featured 25L GTD event – The Bout, along with a third place finish in the 15L event. Here are the Day’s results:

PPL #6: 5L GTD

Winner: Vikram Kumar (INR 1,10,187 )

Runner-up: Maria Kirloskar (INR 77,247)

PPL #7: 7-Max 5L GTD FO

Winner: “dybalamask” (INR 1,20,750)

Runner-up: “Illusionist” (INR 84,650)


Winner: “BIT00Poker” (INR 1,20,600)

Runner-up: “miyagi” (INR 84,540)

PPL #9: The Bout 8-Max 25L GTD

Winner: Gaurav “gaug17” Sood (INR 5,61,330 )

Runner-up:  “dilbaghsingh” (INR 3,93,525)

PPL #10: 8-Max 15L GTD

Winner: “coldplay12” (INR 3,57,026)

Runner-up: “NaNki” (INR 1,60,965)

Complete Day 2 highlights

Day 3

The third Day of the Series was headlined by the Final day of The Endeavour, which recorded a massive prize pool of INR 64,95,000. Kanav “sokopa” Parwal took down the event for a whopping INR 11,17,789 payday! Here are the Day’s results:

PPL #11: SuperStack 8-max 5L GTD

Winner: Pranav “GarviGujarat” Desai (INR 1,07,163)

Runner-up: Rony “bisadip176” Chowdhury (INR 75,127)

PPL #12: 5-Max Turbo 5L GTD

Winner: Vishal “bhai9” Marwaha (INR 1,53,300)

Runner-up: “A7K9” (INR 1,07,310)

PPL #13:  6- Max DST 15L GTD

Winner: Nikhil “blastupinside” Arora (INR 4,13,910)

Runner-up: “d00mtr00p3r” (INR 2,90,175)

PPL #14: DAY 2 – The Endeavour 50L GTD

Winner: Kanav “sokopa” Parwal (INR 11,17,789)

Runner-up: Nishant “nishant177” Sharma (INR 7,83,297)


Winner: Mohammad “chandlerbing” Azhar (INR 1,37,025)

Runner-up: Gaurav “gaug17” Sood (INR 96,062)

Complete Day 3 highlights

Day 4

Day 4 of the PPL SE boasted two massive events – The Vegas and the PLO HighRoller, which featured guarantees of INR 30 LAC and INR 25 LAC respectively, producing 2 winners who bagged scores of over 7 LAC each. Let’s take a look at the Day’s results:

PPL #16: 3LAC GTD (3RE)

Winner: “adit11” (INR 74,550)

Runner-up: Suraj Rathi (INR 52,185)

PPL #17: 6-Max SuperStack 5L GTD

Winner: “Paul7788” (INR 1,19,251)

Runner-up: Vikas “nohomejerome” Yadav (INR 83,592)

PPL #18: PLO HighRoller 25L GTD

Winner: Naresh “fireexit” Rathnam (INR 7,00,253)

Runner-up: “Maahi13” (INR 4,91,350)

PPL #19: The Vegas 30L GTD

Winner: “Kingsingh69” (INR 7,00,632)

Runner-up: “Olandir” (INR 53,067)

PPL #20: 4-Max Hyper Turbo 2L GTD

Winner: “AK10JQ” (INR 75,810)

Runner-up: Aditya “macchi1089” Chaudhary (INR 53,067)

Complete Day 4 highlights

The PPL SE Leaderboard race is well underway and promises INR 3L to the winner in addition to a total guarantee of 10 LAC. Gaurav “gaug17” Sood (3715 points) has led the way for three consecutive days, recording 8 cashes and 1 win from the 12 events he has played thus far. Sood is followed closely by Ankit “akj290” Jajodia, who has also had an extremely promising series recording 13 cashes and 1 win from his 19 events.

Team IPN Congratulates all the Winners so far, and wishes everyone the very best of luck for the next four days.

Remember, the series runs through till Sunday, April 28th with plenty left to play for! Check out the complete schedule here.


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