Launches The All-New Time Bomb Tournaments


The All-New Time Bomb Poker Tournaments

Bored of playing the same tournaments with the same structures week after week, hours on end? now brings you a new and interesting option to make some quick bucks while playing a tournament for less than an hour – Time Bomb Tournaments.

Tournament Schedule:

The tournaments begin on 18th April 2018, and are scheduled to run according to the timings shown below:


How does it work?

The tournament begins in a similar fashion to any other i.e all players are given an equal starting stack. The number of hours/minutes the tournament is going to run for is already specified as shown in the table above.

The blinds increase every level and players battle it out to build their stacks while trying not to bust out before the final level. The tournament reaches its conclusion at the end of the specified time (21 minutes in this case) and players are rewarded with prize money in accordance with their remaining chip stack.

For example: If the starting stack is 5000 and the player holds 10000 at the end of the 1000 Rs buy-in Time Bomb tournament, then he/she is rewarded with 2000 Rs or 1000 Rs profit for doubling up his stack within the time frame of the tournament. If he/she has 15000 chips when the time is over, then the player receives 3000 Rs and so on.

Sounds simple? Yes, it is!

Deposit Codes

Cherry on the top are 4 deposit codes available for players to utilize for the Time Bomb Tournaments and get free entries to the tournaments: