All you need to know about the PPL Summer’18 Fantasy League


PPL Summer’18 Fantasy League

The PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) Summer’18 Edition is all set to kick off on the 18th of June 2018, and boasts over INR 4 Crore in guaranteed prizes. The week-long series returns for the second time this year, and includes some fantastic additions in terms of prizes, tournaments and promotions!’s PPL Fantasy League has grown to become an extremely popular attraction amongst the players, and will comprise of prizes worth INR 2Lac, with INR 1Lac set aside for the winner.

How it works:

  • Each player may choose their PPL Fantasy League Team, consisting of 1 captain and 4 players.
  • These players may be chosen from a predefined list of 349 players
  • Based on their performance in the first 6 seasons, each player on this list has ‘value points’.
  • The total value points of the team cannot exceed 600.
  • Additionally, players may opt to include a ‘wild card’ as their 5th
  • This player cannot be on the predefined list of 349 and holds 100 value points.
  • Deadline for creating teams is 17th June, 9PM.
  • Teams cannot be edited once created, with one team allowed per player.

Taking part in the PPL Fantasy League is absolutely free, and tons of fun! Choose your team of players based on your predictions and watch them win points for your team all through the series. The captain of the team will earn double the points, and the total team score in the end is a cumulative of each player’s individual points scored.

Choosing a team is definitely a strategic decision, as players would have to weigh out skill, past performance, availability and affordability (points) of each player chosen. Be sure to choose players who will be playing majority of events, as that would ensure maximum opportunity to secure points.

With a little over 2 weeks to go, the PPL Fantasy League page is active now and players may create their teams here: PPL Summer ’18 Fantasy League

Think you can create the ultimate team? INR 1Lac awaits you!


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