Vaibhav Sharma Gracefully Walked Off With ₹12,37,285 Cash Prize- The MoneyMaker


Vaibhav, with his splendid performance, finished the biggest Indian Poker tournament- The MoneyMaker at the third place. He gracefully walked off with a ₹12,37,285 cash prize.

Question- How does it feel to win ₹12,37,285 in a single tournament?

Vaibhav- I feel great! It is simply amazing to win such a huge amount and is looking forward to playing many more big tournaments.

Q– For those who don’t know you yet, please introduce yourself?

V-  I have worked with British Council for 6 years. Since I have taken a break from my job and am trying hard to for a place in the poker landscape. I’ve been playing poker professionally since April and I want to take the chance now. Furthermore, I love to travel to the hills, enjoy long drives and besides poker, my passion is playing badminton.

Q- How did you prepare for The MoneyMaker?

V- I was on vacation and was drunk that night. I was well aware of the tournament’s scheduling, and I thought I might as well give it a shot. This is how my insane step was taken towards the tournament.

Q- When & how did you first come across the game of poker?

V- I started off my journey with Zynga Poker like every beginner does. I kept playing on Zynga for about 2 years before trying out tournaments and subsequently, cash prizes.

Q- What are your future plans?

V- I have plans to open a café or lounge if things work well for me.

Q- Do you plan to play any more tournaments?

V– Yes. Definitely, and that too big guaranteed tournaments. Now that Moneymakers 2 is scheduled for 26th of November, I have plans to go on vacation, probably to some hill station, with friends and compete for the battle together. I don’t see myself staying away from poker tournaments now. Plus PokerBaazi has such massive promotions that eyes get stuck on it and have to give it a shot.

Q- What do you have to say about the massive field and crushed prize pool?

V– Outstanding! Even after facing a technical glitch that allowed only 800 players to compete they still crushed the guarantee which was just outstanding. The structures they had were amazing – I felt that I was actually playing live poker.

Q- Any exciting moments/hands during the tournament?

V- A key hand for me was when 15 guys were left. Paawan Bansal opened from early position, and I defended king jack off suit with 18 bigs from BB. The flop came 8 9 10. I checked; he bet and we shoved. He had 10 J offsuit, but we turned K and held.

Q- What’s your plan for the next MoneyMaker? Or is it too early to ask that?

V- As The MoneyMaker 2 is to be scheduled soon. I wish to lift my position. I will come up with some real preparation this time.

Q- With The MoneyMaker, the craze for tournaments has gone up to the next level. Do you think this will make the next PPL more interesting?

V- Without a doubt. I was amazed to look how within an hour sealed the registrations. PPL will definitely bring some big news.

Lastly, before we wrap up, would like you to answer rapid-fire round:

  • Cash games or tournaments?


  • Online poker or live?

Online poker

  • Biggest pot won by you?

The recent win prize

  • Favourite snack at the table?


  • Best poker buddy?

Rajat , Sriharsha

  • Favourite poker movie?


The team had an amazing time interviewing Vaibhav as he was really calm with all the question that led us to come up with such an informative blog.

We wish you Congratulations once again and best wishes for the tournaments ahead.