‘Younggun’ pre-books the latest iPhone X On PokerBaazi.com


Avinash Anand ‘Younggun‘ clinched iPhone X and 1 LAC bankroll for his 5 daily tournament leaderboard wins in the 2nd week of Hi Octane October. After Aman Parakh took down an iPhone X in the 1st week, Avinash becomes the second one. We congratulate him for topping the leaderboards!

We are here with Avinash talking about his journey. Let’s get started!

Q- An iPhone X, how do you feel about winning it?
A- Amazing. Winning anything feels good.

Q- What do you think about the Hi Octane Daily Tournament Leaderboard promotion?
A- Best attempt from Pokerbaazi to promote tournament players through this promotion. Have never seen this happening on any other site. Hope to see more opportunities coming for tournament players on Pokerbaazi.

Q- You have won the daily leaderboard 5 times in a week, what was your strategy?
A- Long hour grind and volume.

Q- You have been playing for quite long, how do you see the tournaments on PokerBaazi.com now?
A-  I started playing freerolls on PokerBaazi.com 2 years back. That time the portal was also newly emerging as a poker platform. It is super amazing now. Everything is enhanced, be it a tournament or cash game promotions and of course their smooth software. It is fun indeed. I simply love the emojis! It is fun indeed . There are value tournaments for player of every stake on daily basis . From small to high value tournaments like big series or deepstack 250 with good return of investment and awesome structure with different formats. So small or high stake player both can play tournaments of there choice and become a Baazigar.

Q- Being a monthly leaderboard winner twice before, are you aiming at the top position this month too?
A- Hopefully, will try my best.

Q- The next editions of PokerBaazi Premier League & The MoneyMaker 1 Crore GTD are already announced, how will you prepare for these mega-events?
A- The moneymaker is India’s biggest online poker tournament and PPL is India’s biggest online poker league. I will try my best on winning The MoneyMaker like everyone else would try their best and will try my endurance for a long grind. This PPL, I am much motivated to carry on with my winning streak as leaderboard winner, finishing 6,8,11,14. Will try my best to make it big. Good Luck to all Baazigars for both the events!

Q- Diwali Cash League has begun, does that mean we will see ‘younggun’ more on cash games now?
A- Yes, you will see me on both cash tables and tournaments. Keep grinding. Once a Baazigar is always a Baazigar. See you at the tables!

We had a great time interviewing Avinash and had a quick-fire round before wrapping up.

Q- Cash games or tournaments?

A- Tournaments obviously

Q- Favourite poker hand?

A- AA (ACES) IT’S in my name only

Q- Biggest pot won by you?

A- 1.75 LAC

Q- Your poker idol?

A- Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu

Q- Best poker buddy?

A- Amit Bhaiya

Q- Favourite poker movie?

A- Rounders

Q- Favourite snack at the table?

A- Always Fly High!!

With 2 more weeks in the Hi Octane October, you too can own an iPhone X! You also have a great chance to win enormously, PokerBaazi.com is running the Diwali Cash League which has grand prizes including packages to Australia during the Aussie Millions, iPhone X, gold coins & much more. May you win big too. Wish you a Happy Diwali!