Pranav Bang Wins The 15 LAC GTD PPL Main Event WarmUp Event On Day 6


PPLSpecial Edition has reached the final day! The 15 LAC GTD Main Event Warm Up saw 224 entries and a total prizepool of 17,65,000 on offer. Pranay Bang took down the battle & won 3,44,175 for his efforts.

A player can ship the tournament successfully with some luck & more from his experiences. And here Pranav had it both.

To know how was his experience in the tournament we took some of his time to pose few questions.

Q: How do you feel after winning PPL 15 LAC GTD?

Pranav Bang: Since I couldn’t ship the HR(came 3rd there), I felt the need to take one down. And hence shipping this one felt really good.

Q: How tough was the field?

PB: Pretty interesting field. A good mix of pros, regs, and recs. Had a decent amount of reads on them.

Q: How was your experience in the tournament?

PB: Loved the structure. Great interface. And lovely emoticons. Great experience over all.

Q: Any special moment/hand in the tourney?

PB: There was this one hand which happened when I was literally bullying the table and that is when I misclicked and called 42o on the BU to an early position open and flopped two pairs and got to stack the villain who had an over a pair. The bullying earlier only made this easy.

Q: The MoneyMaker 1 Crore GTD event is coming soon, what are your thoughts for that? Will you be playing that?

PB: Of course. Waiting for it. Have two tickets already from LMS. Will definitely take a shot at it.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for fellow Baazigars?⁠⁠⁠⁠

PB: Never EVER give up. I was on a roll where I hadn’t cashed a single tourney in 20 days but I didn’t give up because I was confident about how I was always working on my game and kept learning.

Pranav Bang is an engineering student and has already mastered some poker skills which have been showcased in some of his victories already. We wish him good luck for all future events.

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