Rajan Kumar Crushed Event 3 For 15 LAC GTD Deepstack


The ongoing  2.4 Cr PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition has marked an end to day one. Event 3 for 15 LAC GTD Deepstack had a sweet score of Rs 348,425 in prize money for the winner Rajan Kumar. After over 7 hours of high octane poker, Rajan “rajjo_” defeated Varun Gupta “VnutsG” in the heads-up battle to be crowned the winner.

We had the opportunity to speak to Rajan and roll out some questions.

Question: How do you feel after winning PPL Special Edition 15 LAC GTD Tournament?

Rajan Kumar: It obviously feels good after winning the tournament after a long bad run.

Q: How tough was the field?How was your experience in the tournament?

RK: It was a good game but not too tough. The experience was good and got some additional learnings to play the big tourney as I used to play.

Q: What are your hobbies?

RK: After I started playing poker it’s the only hobby that matters the most.

Q: Any special moment/hand in the tourney?

RK: I believe more in the game play and not a particular hand.

Q: Are you preparing for PPL tournaments further? What events are you likely to play?

RK: Yes. It depends on my availability and mood. Even now, I am playing satellite for event 11.

Q: We have The MoneyMaker event coming soon, what are your thoughts for that? Will you be playing it?

RK: Depends on how much I win during PPL if everything goes well. I’ll definitely play.

Q: What future tournaments have you planned to play?

RK: I try to play mostly big tournament whose prize money is Greater than 1 LAC.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for fellow Baazigars?⁠⁠⁠⁠

RK:  Take learnings from each hand and tournaments no matter you win or loose it would just make you a better player in the long run.

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