Success Stories: PPL Autumn’18 1Crore GTD ‘The MoneyMaker’ Winner Nikhil “stringbet710” Sayilen


The PokerBaazi Premier League Autumn’18 Edition came to an end last night and saw Bangalore-based Nikhil “stringbet710” Sayilen walking away with The MoneyMaker Title and a life-changing payday of INR 33,92,500! Sayilen overcame a massive field of 715 entrants including a tough line-up on the Final Table of the 1 Crore Guaranteed event.  In fact, the event went on to record a total prize pool of INR 1.36 Crores!

Sayilen is a 24 year-old resident of Bangalore who recently quit his job at Hewlett Packard to pursue his Masters Degree in London early next year. He started playing poker professionally only 6 months ago – and in such a short span of time, has managed to bag a score that eludes most even after years on the felts! Team IPN caught up with the youngster, who said “There are literally no words to express what I feel”.

Here’s more about the upcoming superstar:

“I was introduced to poker back in the 11th grade. I never had much of an inclination towards it at the time and was more involved with my studies. Over the past year or so I have been playing more regularly and in the last 6 months, a lot more seriously. I usually play cash games, 25/50 and 50/100, with a few small cashes in MTTs along the way. Winning this event has given me the confidence boost that I needed in pursuing my poker career, and I’m going to use all my money to pay for my Masters in London.”

Talking about The MoneyMaker event and how things went down, he said “During the tourney my stack went down to 4k but I managed to build it back up. A crucial moment for me was when I pulled off a huge bluff at the mid-stages of the event, which saw me take over the Chip Lead. Another important spot for me was when I folded the second nuts in a three-way pot. I believe that these two hands were extremely vital in my win. I actually played only 3 events in the entire PPL Autumn Edition because I wanted to save up for The MoneyMaker – I guess that worked out!”

While Sayilen is primarily a cash game player, this win will definitely see the youngster take up MTTs more regularly, not to mention the new-found love that he now has for it. On asking him about his poker journey thus far, he said “It’s definitely been a bumpy ride, just like everyone else. I’ve busted my roll multiple times in the past, only to get up stronger. Now that I have finally managed to score a sizeable amount, I’m going to be able to play a lot more comfortably in the years to come. I love the PPL and the kind of events and prizes on offer. It truly is a great platform for each and every type of poker player. is absolutely amazing and I’d encourage any new player to check it out!”

The rapidly booming poker scenario in India has seen many youngsters rise to stardom in the past few years, and the story of young Sayilen is no different. “I have loved poker ever since I started and am extremely excited about the years to come! I wish there wasn’t such a taboo around the sport in India, but thankfully, that seems to be changing! Good luck to everyone!”

Congratulations once again! Here’s wishing the youngster more success and titles in the years to come!

Final Table results:

Place Player Prize Amount (INR)
1 stringbet710 33,92,500
2 NaNki 19,67,650
3 CairyHunt 13,29,860
4 Ankit420 9,49,900
5 Rmanasa 6,78,500
6 Worm33 4,74,950
7 13anurag 3,73,175
8 Walao 2,71,400
9 anzzzzz 2,03,550