Tanvir Gulia Wins The Trip To Macau – Baazi Summer Carnival

Tanvir wins Baazi Summer Carnival

PokerBaazi’s grand 8-week long promotion Baazi Summer Carnival saw the winners being awarded international packages to Vegas, Macau, Manila & Thailand among other big prizes. One of the Macau packages was won by one of the most active players on Pokerbaazi.com – Tanvir Gulia ‘Jungliaunty’. Tanvir’s happiness was doubled as his wife, Ekta, who recently learned poker, won not one but two international packages to Manila & Thailand. What more can he demand?

We could feel his excitement already. We managed to get some of his time & know about his experience as well as plans for travel.

Question: How do you feel after winning the Baazi Summer Carnival?

Tanvir Gulia: It is always a great feeling after winning any game. Because it makes one feel confident about his game and further helps to stay positive.

Q: How long have you been playing on PokerBaazi? What do you prefer cash games or tournaments?

TG: I only play on PokerBaazi.com as of now. I have engaged in PokerBaazi since it was launched. From the very beginning, I had met my comfort zone here which wouldn’t allow me to switch to other poker sites. I prefer cash games, it interests me more. I play every day.

Q: Highlight us with your background; work, education?

TG: I am MBA in marketing. I work as Sr. manager in Volkswagen India.

Q: How do you feel when you see Ekta doing so well in Poker?

TG: Well, I feel good and proud that someone whom I have coached is doing well.

Q: How often do you play? Besides poker what are your major interests?

TG: Like, literally, I play online poker every day, every single day. I end my day playing poker. I love traveling, even riding. My recent trip was to Leh, Ladakh. Also, I love to watch movies.

Q: Now that you have won an international package, what are your travel plans?

TG: I plan to travel to Macau for which I have won the package during Diwali time.

Q: What advice would you like to share with the PokerBaazi network and the players? What’s your story being involved in poker?

TG: PokerBaazi is a great site with an amazing focus on players and customer service. I think poker is fun and good game until you don’t gamble. Importantly, upswings and down swings are part of the game. Never borrow money to play poker is my advice to all the players. Always keep savings safe and play with only 10 or max 20 percent of it. If you loose grind hard from small stakes again.

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