The ‘Mixed Mind Sport’ App


A game that combines Chess and Poker

The gamut of apps offering challenging mind games is on the rise. A new game is in town and it’s taking the worlds of chess and poker by storm! Introducing, CHOKER, a fusion of chess and poker that has hailed the first-ever ‘Mixed Mind Sport’. Invented by Andrew Finan, a former chess impresario turned game designer, the game has spread like wildfire! Developers envision the game to attract its own stars and have its own world championship spotlight!

Fusing the brainpower of chess with the bluffing and street smartness of poker, the game calls on a new set of divergent skills. The simple rule centers on swapping standard poker cards with a deck showing chess pieces. You begin with just a King and a Pawn on the chessboard. Defend your King, but be ready to strike!

A regular round of betting follows and the final reveal occurs, players then duke it out for the pot over a chessboard using the chess pieces depicted in their hand.  Now the chess pieces are placed in the special drop zones on the board. Once all your pieces are on the chessboard – it’s a game of real chess, outplay your opponent and win the pot before time’s up!

The game falls in the sweet spot of fast results, thrills, chances, and rewards, which is the need of the millennial hour. Chess by itself is a very structured mind sport giving room to very little chance. By introducing poker, the developers intend on making the game a light relief and accessible to a wider audience.

The game-makers are hoping to tap into an estimated 600 million chess players and 200 million poker players worldwide. Mr. Finan, the developer, ran the 1995 World Chess Championships at the top of the World Trade Center between the then World Champion Garry Kasparov and the young Indian, Vishwanathan Anand. Inspired by their brilliance and his love poker, the CEO of Queenside Games then came up with the idea of Choker and showcased it to chess players in London. The game clicked and took off almost instantly.

But while most games have an element of luck, like dice or card games, chess is out there on its own. So what we’ve done is add an element of chance and risk-reward, so there is luck but it’s also calculated luck”, quoted Finan.

Will choker give rise to a new breed of champions? We’ll have to wait and watch!