8 Heads Up Strategies That Had Gone Way Too Far


Heads up poker is a form of poker that is played between two players. No matter what form of poker is played, it eventually comes down to two players competing for the prize and a pot of money. This is known as heads-up poker. It is often regarded as the most profitable and enjoyable version of the poker game. Many players reach a particular level and unable to make it that extra leap. It is that one about which you can easily end up winning if you play your cards right.

Player type

The best opponent you can get in heads-up is someone who is both tight and passive. You have a goal to win much small and medium-sized pot, if you are holding a very strong hand, you should give your tight opponent action in larger pots. You should play aggressively against a tight player and be quick to fold marginal hands when he shows strength.

Adequate bankroll

To handle the worst falls, 50 buy-ins are preferable and if you are a winning player, then you should have a minimum of 30 buy-ins for the level that you are playing at.

Table position

Position plays an important role, especially in heads-up. There is no in-between here as either you will be in the worst position or you will be in the best position. However, it is recommended to respect raises from the dealer and you should be more conservative at the big blind.

Pot Management

It is really important that you effectively manage the size of the pot and you should determine whether you need to play a small or large pot. If you allow your opponent control the betting size, then you are indirectly allowing him/her to control the amount of money that goes to the pot.


Try to vary your bets even if that means letting go of immediate expectation as most of the players have a tendency to repeat betting patterns. Look out for any unusual bet size and you can also take a note of bet sizes, which will help you gather a lot of information about your opponent’s hand.

Be aggressive

You have to be very aggressive in heads up as you are up against just one player and you have one thing in your favor. You need to be as aggressive as possible and not let the other player rule you.

Short stacks

An effective stack is the shorter of the two stack sizes, you will need to play with close attention to this effective stack when you play heads-up.

Folding hands

It is the best tactic to run down your opponent, you should come at your opponent hard and strong when you have a good hand. Also, make sure you calculate the odds of the hands when playing poker the game.