Abhishek Kumar Gracefully Ships The PLO HighRoller Event


“Winning a tournament is always an amazing feeling, winning an HR is super amazing it’s my first ever HR win, so I am very happy. Also winning a big tournament during the initial days of the series is very helpful, both bankroll and confidence wise” quoted Abhishek Kumar after his splendid win in The PLO HighRoller Event.

Abhishek “Ketchup” Kumar corded his 2nd win of the day and his largest of the series so far, taking down the title along with 5,12,325 in prize money. There were no bars to his happiness. He had an amazing time in the tournament, to know more about his experience we called him to shoot few questions.

Question: How tough was the field?
Abhishek Kumar: The field was good with all the good regs and PLO pros playing the high roller event. However, I had above average stack most of the time so I was feeling pretty comfortable playing post flop, hence didn’t find the field very tough.

Q: How was your experience in the tournament?
AK: The structure of the tournament was really good with deep stack and decent blind levels. So my experience in the tournament was amazing, with such deep stack and blind level there is always scope for making moves and chip up.

Q: Any special moment/hand in the tourney?
AK: Yes there are a few which were crucial deciding moments. one of them is I was all-in with QQxx on QT2 board against the chip leader who had AKJx with a rap which I survived.

Q: We have The MoneyMaker event coming soon, what are your thoughts for that? Will you be playing that?
AK: That sounds to be an amazing tournament with the highest guarantee ever, Pokerbaazi always surprises with massive series and amazing structure customer support and last but not the least the Baazi software. Yes, I will be playing that.

Q: What are your hobbies?
AK: I enjoy listening to rock and metal music, playing guitar and snooker.

Q: Any tips or suggestions for fellow Baazigars?
AK: Be motivated for grinding, learning, analyzing and improving your game there is always scope and yes be creative also, haha.

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