Another Big Hit- Jaydeep Dawer Wins The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD Tournament


Discovering While Doing Is Natural.

But, Doing Immediately After Discovering Is The Attitude of Winners!

Jaydeep Dawer, continuing his spectacular form this year, has come up with another impressive win. The well-known player from Surat recently shipped The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD tournament for Rs.3,12,975. Back In September,  he had beaten a wide field to clinch the Baazi Super Sunday tournament for a massive payday as well.

The team sat down with Jaydeep to try and find out the reasons behind his amazing back to back performances starting with his beginnings in poker.

As a majority of Indian players started playing poker on Zynga poker so did I, around 2010-11,” says Jaydeep. “After getting a hang of it, moved to some live games in Surat, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, until IPC gravitated me to Goa for some serious Tournament Poker. Had some decent IPC runs from 2014 to 2016. Post this, Tournaments became my prime passion and cash games took a side seat.”

The team then quizzed him on this tournament experiences on PokerBaazi, Jaydeep says, “The field on Indian online sites is always competitive and PokerBaazi being among the top sites in the country, the field is always tough and evolving. With the new UI of, it’s enjoyable to play tournaments on it.

Recalling the most memorable hands in The Endeavour, Jaydeep remembers a hand involving the 3 chip leads with 13 players remaining where his Aces got cracked by Kings. This meant he entered the Final Table 8/9 with only 15 big blinds. However, 15 mins into the final table, Jaydeep limped AKs and won a decent hand o set things up nicely. In the very next hand chip leader in the table, RockyDon opened 2.5x from UTG. The short stack from UTG+2 went all in while Jaydeep woke up with Aces in the cut-off. After flatting the shove, Rockydon shoved over the top giving our hero an easy call. RockyDon showed Tens and the Aces held with these two back to back hands gave the eventual winner a massive chip lead of 3:1 on the FT.

A family man, Jaydeep is a B-Tech (Textiles) graduate who joined the family Textile Business in Surat. He is deeply passionate about the poker games and considers it as a hobby. Besides the poker fanaticism, he loves to travel and to hang out with friends. He also counts himself as an avid cricket fan.

Asked whether he wishes to play further poker tournaments, we got an obvious answer. “Definitely! Tournaments being my passion I would continue to play high-value tournaments online and live in the days to come. As far as future plans regarding Poker, I do plan to play as many online and live high-value tournaments and series globally. The most immediate plan is to travel to the Netherlands for the WPT on 8th of Oct 2017.”

Lastly, Jaydeep went on to advise his fellow Baazigars quoting, “I strongly feel that every hand/every day teaches us something new about the game. Evaluating one’s play teaches us a lot of patience, discipline, and perseverance. A lifetime would be short to master the game of poker.

We wish Jaydeep Good Luck ahead for the further tournaments.

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