Oily carbs, ferry rides, amazing shopping and unlimited poker, Macau aka The Vegas of Asia is indeed a remarkable destination for poker enthusiasts.

There’s a reason why Macau is named the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’ and you shouldn’t miss out on all this fun.

There are over 30 casinos in this province, of which the biggest and the grandest one is ‘The Venetian Macau’. This also happens to be the biggest casino in the world. Do you need any more reasons to visit this casino? The other casinos to visit are Grand Lisboa Casino, MGM Casino and Macau (Yat Yuen) Canidrome (amongst others).

Macau is a special administrative region of China. It was previously a Portuguese colony and has imbibed a lot of Portuguese cultures as well. There is a plethora of casinos found in Macau and the place earns over 6 Billion USD per year due to people’s gambling addictions! So, if you are done with poker and wondering, what it’s like to visit Macau as a tourist, then here is a list of all the wonderful things you can do in the wonderful province of Macau:

Ruins of St. Paul

This is the flagship site for Macau when it has to impress its tourists. It was built in the 17th century and was built by the Portuguese in honor of St. Paul. In 2005, the ruins of St. Paul was listed as a part of the Historic Centre of Macau (HCM), a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most tourists visit this place during the daytime as the entry shuts by 6 PM, and the best part about this attraction? There’s no admission fees.

Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre

This center is an amazing experience for tourists from all over the world to witness the different sights of Macau from 233 meters above sea level. There are different activities like skydiving and bungee jumping that also take place from here. If you’re adventurous, go for it!

Macau Tower

This tower is 338 meters above the city and is the 10th tallest freestanding tower in the world! There are breathtaking panoramic views of the city available from here as well as a Revolving Tower Restaurant that can seat 250 people at once and takes 60 minutes to complete an entire revolution! Talk about dining in style, Macau has it all for you.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Macau Fisherman Wharf is an 111,500 meter squared park and the first ever park of its kind in the tourism industry of Macau. It is centrally located in the outer harbor and also offers attractions such as shopping, entertainment, dining, etc.

Senado Square (Largo do Senado)

The Senado Square is a paved town square and is a World Heritage Site (UNESCO) as well. This square has been Macau’s urban center for centuries and is still a very popular venue for many celebrations. It is paved with mosaic colored stones set by the Portuguese.

Macau is a city that is one of its kind. If you are planning on traveling to Asia for an extended visit, you cannot leave Macau off your itinerary!