Chirag Sodha Successfully Combines The “2+3” In 5 LAC Baazi Super Sunday


The win seems to be stuck with Chirag’s fate as he not only nailed last Endeavour 15 LAC GTD but also stood victorious in 5 LAC Baazi Super Sunday. On this Sunday, he successfully snatched his much deserving portion of the prize pool, a sum of Rs 1,40,000.

Congratulations to the ‘Perfect Amalgamation’ of skill, dedication, and confidence!

How about a quick introduction for some of our readers who may not know about you? 

I live in Bangalore and play poker recreationally. I love the game and have grown very fond of tournaments over the last year or so. I just finished a pretty disappointing WPT (although I loved the experience) but was rewarded with a first-place finish in the Baazi 5 LAC and a 65k worth package to the PokerBaazi Premier League Winter Edition. Looking forward to the series and of course the Moneymaker later this month!

How did you end up playing poker? What’s your poker story?

I started playing poker when I went to the UK for my undergrad and have never looked back! I played it for fun for a very long time but off late have tried to take it a little more seriously – that’s where the real fun is!

How do you feel after winning back to back two huge events on, first The Endeavour 15 LAC GTD and now 5 LAC Baazi Super Sundays?

Of course, it feels great to win any tournament and I’ve been putting in a lot of volume and playing nearly every big tournament there is online, so I am hoping that this I can keep it going! The 5 LAC was a great tourney and I managed to run deep in the 15 LAC too.

 How tough was the field? How was your experience in the tournament?

I have always loved the tournaments on, the structures are nice and deep. I think the field was pretty good and it was growing very challenging as the time passed by.

Any special moment/hand in the tourney?

Not really, I was relatively short and managed to chip up on the final table, and picked off a bluff heads up to finally take it down. I got lucky early when I was under 8bb and shoved AJ into AQ, but besides that, I don’t particularly remember any hands.

Do you plan to play more tournaments on

Yeah, no doubt I’m gonna be playing a lot on and this month has a lot lined up!

I have played most of the tournaments and series on the website and am truly impressed by the constant upgrades and small edits to the software! Feels good as a player.

What are your thoughts on the 2 upcoming mega-events on PokerBaazi – ‘The MoneyMaker 2.0’ and the ‘PokerBaazi Premier League Winter Edition’?

The PokerBaazi Premier League Winter Edition looks like it is going to be huge! It comes at the perfect time for Indian poker players and I think we will see some massive fields of players and a lot of great things coming out of this month. The MoneyMaker will be epic too! Can’t wait!

Any words of advice for fellow Baazigars?

Well not really! Just keep at it I guess and I believe a lot in a good positive outlook towards the game!

Get ready for the two mega events lined up on The MoneyMaker 2.O & PokerBaazi Premier League Winter Edition. Play the daily satellites running on the PokerBaazi gaming application to win the tickets for the India’s biggest tournament


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