Dermatologist By Profession, Poker Player By Passion: Rohit Mittal, 60 LAC Guaranteed PPL Main Event Winner


Poker takes five minutes to learn yet a lifetime to ace” but this great achievement for Rohit Mittal came very soon. He sealed the coveted title and became the winner of the 60 LAC GTD Main Event in the 2.6 CRORE Guaranteed PokerBaazi Premier League Winter’17. Outperforming a strong set of players, Rohit managed to win INR 16,35,000 for his outstanding performance.

So, the team got in touch with Rohit to know about this victory.

Q- Readers would love to know about the winner of the PPL Winter’17 Main Event.

I am a Dermatologist by profession but a gambler by heart. I love either to treat my patients or to be at the poker table.

Q– How did you come to the game that has made you win over 16 LAC overnight?

It was way back in 2006 when my batchmates from the US taught me this exciting game and we started to play lots of home games and meanwhile, we did lose a lot, thinking it to be as a version of Teen Patti.

Q- How does it feel to win the Main Event of one of India’s biggest poker tournament series?

No words to explain that. Just had goosebumps thinking of the final hand. It was like my sympathetic system has taken control of all my body with a pure adrenalin rush.

Q- Any plans of how you are going to spend this money?

No plans as such to spend the money but for sure I’m going it to invest a major part of it in poker to multiply it. Hope to run well at the felt.

Q- It was not easy but you made it to the top in such a massive field. Did you preplan any strategies or had any warm-up sessions?

No preplans as such. I hardly get time to play a lot because of my other professional commitments. So whenever I play, I make it sure to give my best. Maybe that particular Sunday, I can say I was more determined with a very calm head.

Q- How was the final table play?

The final table play was fun. Almost started as a short stack if not shortest. Kept small targets. Tried to avoid unnecessary spots to get stuck. It was initially standard short stack push fold play till I got a double up. Then just followed the icm and step the ladder as pay jump was huge. It was a total see-saw when we were in final 3. Though I was short most of the times, I knew I can easily ship it from there if I maintain my calm and be focused. And rest is history.

Q- Tell us some of the memorable moments from that eventful day?

There was a quite few. Mid-stage I remember a hand where I opened 2.5x with 77 from mid position. 3 people called. I hit a full house on the flop which turned out to quads eventually and almost got triple up, from there the real grind started. I started picking spots and tried to chip up the stack then ran into KK vs AA where luckily I cracked AA. That was single time, I really got lucky and had a nice stack by then and was very determined to make it to final table and kept playing small ball and chipping up the stack and avoiding unnecessary flips.

Q- With all that work and now a big result in a day, do you plan to play more tournaments on

Whenever I get time I just play on either mtt or cash. Don’t know exactly the reason but really feel relaxed and confident playing at!

Q- Are you ready for the next big thing – 1 CRORE Guaranteed The MoneyMaker 2.O on 26th November?

Ya, I’m all geared up for The MoneyMaker. I hope the poker god be kind and I can keep the same determination and focus on the tables.

Q- Let’s end the interview with this quickfire round:

Favorite poker movie?


Favorite snack at the poker table?

fish and chips

Favorite poker player?

Antonio Esfandiari

Cash games or tournaments?


Coffee or Red Bull at the poker table?

Neither, Ice Tea

Next attendance to live poker – Macau or Las Vegas or Prague?

Vegas, 2018!

What is poker to you, answer in a word?


Thank You Rohit for sharing your experience. We had a great time interviewing you. Wish you all the best for future tournaments! is conducting India’s biggest online poker tournament called ‘The MoneyMaker 2.O‘, which guarantees a massive 30 lac to the winner & 20 lac to the second place, the overall prizes on offer being worth 1 Crore at least. The tickets of this grand event can be won for as low as ₹10 by playing the daily Satellites on the website. You can also grab a FREE ticket worth 11K by using deposit code TMMNOV. Check out details of the event at


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