How To Dress To Win At The Poker Table


There has been a lot of pondering over the dress-codes at poker tournaments, especially those that are telecasted. There have been a lot of debate about whether or not a dress code of some kind should be imposed in professional poker. Poker players are not celebrated for their couture, but for their winning amounts. While some may have been quite blunt about their argument for dress-codes there are still many players who are of the view that the way they dress during a game has nothing to do with how they play.

Despite these arguments, what a player wears to the poker table can convey a multitude of things. Here’s a poker analysis of the following types of dressers-

Casual Shabby dressers

These players show up at the poker table in unpressed and discolored jerseys. Their careless dressing means they do not really have a game plan. They are unpredictable and impetuous players and thus you may face difficulty in understanding a pattern in their behavior or their gameplay.

The Chic dressers 

These players show up on the table all suited-booted, wearing branded watches and everything chic. Such people are extremely competitive and driven by the desire to triumph.

The Flashy dressers 

They appear in eye-catchy, vibrant colored and patterned accessories. These people are usually showy and competitive and are highly concerned with their public impression than the power aspect of winning. You can expect them to bluff a lot and they may also take big chances.

Shabby, smart dressers

These people are a little weird, as they wear suits, but the suits are crumpled and too glossy. They are wearing messy-scraped shoes. These are the lazy-do-nothings posing themselves to be strong players. They are ruled by their mood and have no self-control at all. Despite that they can bluff, because of the inability to figure anything out, they look for signs of spilling.

Smart and relaxed

These are the players who enter the game looking neat and dapper. But as the game progresses they roll up their sleeves and loosen their ties. You can expect these players to be pitiless and extremely focused. They are very likely to bluff as they can switch places. They will often trick opponents with their poker face.

Optimistic dressers 

These players don vibrant, bright and creative colors such as oranges, yellows. They also wear childish cardigans and other such clothes. These players tend to be risk takers and play a dramatic sort of game. Despite the fact that they tend to play a creative game, their game often lacks focus. A light talk or joke can distract them in no time.

Careful dressers 

These people stay at a good distance from fashion and hold strong values and hold on to them. They usually keep away from dramatics and the risks and put the poker face comes naturally to them.

Casual fanatics

Unlike a showy dresser, these players are very casually dressed. They are donning roomy jeans and T-shirts with sneakers and neck chains. These ruthless players have a rational and a scrupulous approach towards the game. Don’t underestimate or trust them. They are much brainier and clever than they appear are great bluffers.

Odd dressers

These are the ‘bad boys’ who have no sense of fashion and do not abide by the fashion conventions at all. They are the ones who might even wear a shiny-flowery suit with bows to a funeral. These inappropriate dressers play a poignant and highly charged game. They may have learned all about the tactics and decided to play in complete contrast to

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