Making It Big – Himanshu Dwivedi


Winning big on a weekday- The Endeavour 10 LAC GTD. Indian Poker News is here with the second runner up Himanshu Dwivedi who has been actively playing the tournaments on He grasped many prizes and this time he had settled on the third place in the Endeavour 10 LAC GTD Event. Congratulation Himanshu!

The team came up with the few question to which Himanshu had responded very calmly, He starts on by mentioning that, he is very passionate about the poker and initially entered the Baazi world with Rs 100. Further on his win, he said: “I am feeling very glad and proud of my mentors that they had helped me in each and every hurdle and finally, I landed to this achievement!”

Subsequently, we had asked if the field was tough and about the players that came into the notice. What are the things you usually notice in the tournament?  Amusingly, he said “tournament was tough but fun! I had noticed 2 players mainly one is Vivek Bajaj Akka SalmanBhai and the other one is Nikhil Gutta on FT it was very much difficult to play against them especially when I knocked Vivek out from the tournament by taking half of his chips.”

Himanshu said that his attention is often stuck to the players’ ones with aggressive hands. He tends to observe such behavior in the play.

Later, when asked about the experiences and the moments he had in the tournament, he excitedly replied, “awesome I must say when I got the tripled up with AA. And, 44<<KJ in this particular hand I got busted … On flop 9TQ, turn 4, river 5 …I was having set but he got straight on the flop only and the person who busted me was Salman Bhai’ must say- he really played well.”

Himanshu ended the interview by quoting that “first learn about poker and strategies because the more you learn, the more you earn! It is very important for the player to know about the hands before presenting it to the table. Because a small mistake can lead to huge loss, further tells Himanshu.”

We wish Himanshu Dwivedi good luck for his future endeavors.

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