It Takes Just 5 Days To Win An iPhone X: Grand Rewards In The PokerBaazi Tournaments


Aman Parakh nailed the first week of ‘Hi Octane October’ on in stunning style. He not only walked off with a magnificent iPhone X but also a hefty bankroll of 1 LAC. He maintained a huge lead in the daily leaderboard standings throughout with no one able to get close to him!

With just one week gone, this super amazing promotion allows you to win a bankroll worth Rs 20000 every day if you top the daily tournament leaderboard. If you make that 5 in a week, you can join Aman in the league of first few in the country to have an iPhone X.

We congratulate the young star on his outstanding performance!

We had to have some words with him and get him to spell out the secret. So, here are the excerpts from the conversation with Aman.

Question- How does it feel to win this awesome gadget?

Aman- I am really excited to lay hands on my new iPhone X, to be honest, I desperately needed to change my phone and now I have it one. It feels great!

Q- At this very young age you came up with splendid back to back performances. So, for people who don’t know you, tell us something about yourself. From where do you belong? And where did you do your graduation from?

A- I am 25 years old and I belong to a small town in Udaipur, Rajasthan named Nimbahera. I have done my MBA from Amity University, Noida and worked as a Client Servicing – Head in a Digital Marketing firm for 3 years. Currently, I am staying in Mumbai and playing Poker professionally.

Q- When & how did you first come across the game of poker?

A- Poker to me happened 3 years ago when I was working in Gurgaon, I stayed with 4 of my bachelor friends and there we started playing poker cash games every night after office. A few years later, all of us moved to different cities for different reasons, that’s when I started playing online tournaments and been hooked onto it since then.

Q- Are you full time into poker?

A- Yes, my passion for Poker grew a lot in last few years and this year (2017) in April I decided that that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life, so I left my Job and started playing poker full time. I know it is not the part of the question but I want to take this opportunity and thank my mother and my younger brother Armaan who blindly supported me through this decision.

Q- How difficult is it to manage work along with poker?

A– As I said earlier, I was doing a 9 to 5 Job for almost 3 years so yes during that time it was difficult and very hectic to manage work and Poker together. I remember my poker session used to start in my Uber while my way back to home from the office and go on till 2-3 in the night.

Q– You made it big in the first week of Hi Octane October itself! What’s your trick?

A- Hard work and long hours of grind is the only trick which works in Poker tournaments, keeps coming up with different promotions from time to time and I was chasing those leaderboards for the last 3-4 months but I always finished 2nd or 3rd, this time as soon as I saw this promotion I wanted to do it, so the best thing I did was starting early in the month.

Q- Was it easy to win 5 Daily Leaderboards in a week?

A- It was not at all easy winning even 1 daily leaderboard, let alone 5 in a week. has a skilled player pool and all the regs were going after it so I had to play for around 16 hours daily, once I won the first 4 daily leaderboards consecutively then it was easy to win the last one in the remaining 3 days.

Q- Any exciting moment on the felt during this week?

A- A lot of bad beats given and taken, that’s always the most exciting thing on a poker table. In the dying moment, the final day I knew I had to cash one of the 2 tourneys which I am playing to top the leaderboard but I was short stacked in both of them, few hands later, I cracked AA with my KJo and went to ship that tournament and that’s when I knew that I am doing it today.

Q- Would you be playing PokerBaazi’s new tournament– Double or Nothing? And would you recommend others to try it?

A- Yes, I played all the double or nothing in that last week as well, it is a very exciting format which has not been there on any Indian poker sites till now. I would definitely recommend players to take a shot at it and make some quick money.

Q- What are your Views on upcoming PokerBaazi Premier League Winter Edition?

A- PPL has always been the highlight series of PokerBaazi, PPL Special Edition being the biggest one till date with the 60 Lac GTD Main Event, this time with the PPL Winter Edition its surely going to be bigger and better. Watch out Baazigars, Winter Edition is Coming!

 Let’s have one last quick-fire round before we wrap up:

Cash games or tournaments?


Favourite poker hand?

Pocket Sevens (77s)

Biggest pot won by you?

1.4 Lakhs

Your poker idol?

Daniel Negreanu

Best poker buddy?

Dev Singh (Shiva), A special shoutout to him.

Favourite poker movie?

Its the documentary of Daniel Negreanu called “KidPoker”

Favourite snack at the table?


It was really amazing time interviewing the young face of the poker world. Best wishes to Aman ahead!

You too can make your bankroll hefty with tournaments on Stay Tuned!


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