Umesh Ramakrishna Nailed The Baazi Summer Carnival


Winning a super exciting package, Umesh Ramakrishna nailed the recently concluded Baazi Summer Carnival. Congratulations Umesh for winning the international package to Las Vegas. Umesh showed great consistency by topping the Baazi Summer Carnival Cash Game leaderboard in the Hi category. The promotion was an 8-week long marathon where players had to compete for the max number of hands played. Apart from the Vegas package, this category gave an opportunity to players to win up to 50000 every day.

To share this joyful moment we took some of his time to know how he felt after the exotic win.

He started off stating “I’m pretty excited, first time I will be going to Vegas. So yes pumped! A lot of hard work has responded quite fruitful.” We could figure out how elated he was.

Further, the team asked about how exciting and tough was the cash game? To which he naively responded, “It wasn’t that tough may be because I ran well all the way. Initially, I didn’t eye on winning, there was good cash game action so just hopped on, was putting decent volume and at some point in time, I felt like I can go all the way and kept consistently putting in the hours.”

Next question was, tell us about the players that came into the notice. What are the things you usually notice in the tournament? Umesh said that, he tried maintaining a healthy lead over the others on the leaderboard, iWillBluffU followed me all the way and which made me work more for the top spot.

When lastly, asked if there were any suggestions or advice he would like to share with the Baazigars, he said “I was a little reluctant to play on Pokerbaazi since I had faced some issues with the software initially. Apaar insisted me to play the carnival and since it was a great promotion I started playing and loving the software now ever since. Anyone who is reluctant to play on Pokerbaazi due to software issues should give it a try again. The software has improved drastically and is one of the best now. Kudos to team Baazi for the awesome improvement.

Umesh, fresh from his big achievement, is already back on track and is playing the PPL RUSH on, where you can play and win packages of 2.4 Crore guaranteed PokerBaazi Premier League Special Edition.

Wishing Umesh good luck for his future endeavors!

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