How authentic and safe is online poker?


The growth of poker and its acceptance as a skill based game over the past two decades have been phenomenal. There are more than millions of people who try their hand at poker every single day from amateurs to professionals. Once you get the hang of the game most become die hard fans, however a great number of potential prospects are reluctant to take the plunge because of the stigma’s surrounding the game and its online avatar.

People are skeptical since without a physical deck of cards, a smartly run computer program could be giving the house a massive advantage. But on the other hand the success of the biggest and best sites are surely evidence that legitimate online platforms exist.

Here are a few pointers that will help cement the authenticity of online poker platforms.

The Hygiene Check

There are some tells which are basic and if identified should be approached with caution.  Here are the basic 3 signs:

The number of players – Unless the site has something authentic to offer, it will not have many players. Bad reputation spreads like wild fire, so if there are a few people on a site, it’s definitely a red flag!

Year of establishment – It is true, the more the number of years its been around, the more trustworthy the site.

Independent audit – All legit poker sites will be under the scrutiny of their respective governing bodies and will have independent audits. This certainly ensures that high standards are being maintained.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

RNG is an important algorithm that is used across all poker sites.  It is constantly producing a completely random series of numbers that can then be converted into a particular card being dealt.

The sites are subject to frequent checks by the relevant authorities whose jurisdiction controls the licensing of the sites to ensure the outcomes are truly random. In order to be double sure about a poker platform, it’s best to look at who has issued its license. This information will be prominently displayed on sites that are legitimate.


In a world where technology has got all your personal details, it is important to ensure one is playing on a safe and secure site. Details like your official proofs, card details and banking information should be protected from hackers.

If you are playing for real money, do take time out to look at the site’s security and privacy policies and with some research you will know your money is in safe hands.

Considering the stigmas around the game, reputed poker platforms will not let a security lapse tarnish its image. Therefore security is the chief motivating factor for them to stay transparent and whiter than white.

Been skeptical and sitting on the fence about poker? Use these basic checks to ensure you’ve landed on safe felts!