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A simple formula to calculate your poker salary

Poker unlike other jobs doesn’t have a fixed salary. As you progress in your poker career it’s good to have an understanding of how much money you are making to help you answer simple questions like should I be upping my stakes or am I even a winning player?

A simple way to estimate this paycheck you take home is by using your win rate over a given period of time. Win rate is simply defined as:

Big Blinds won or lost per 100 hands played. BB/100 or

Money won or lost per 100 hands played. Profits or losses / 100

For those who play poker online, there are many types of software that can track your play in various ways, including calculating your win rate. In the case of live play, often players calculate their win rate by how much money they win or lose per hour played (money / hour) or as big blinds per hour (BB / hour).

Here’s putting the simple formula to test. If player X has a win rate of 20 BB / 100 and he plays a Rs.5/Rs.10 Hold’em cash game, that means he makes Rs.200 for every 100 hands he plays. If player X plays 5,000 hands per month while maintaining that win rate, he will win Rs.10,000.

Do note that it is considered better to derive your win rate from a larger number of hands to have a more accurate figure.

Set your future goals by using your win rate as one of the indicators. Aim is straightforward, increase win rates and thereby increase profits. Well it’s easier said than done, this progress does require focused study, hard work and some mentoring along the side.

A few simple habits that could easily help for starters are avoiding watching videos while playing, attending phone calls during a session, going on tilt, trying to make combine your session with leisurely activities and playing too many tables and not paying attention to your hands.

Once you do set your target win rate, you will also need to decide the number of hours you are willing to dedicate and how much effort your willing to put in to improve your skill set.

Numbers don’t lie, get cracking and take home ‘salaries’ that will surprise you!


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