For Love or Money? A Poker Documentary


As the world of poker captures an international audience, it slowly but surely makes its way into pop-culture. From documentaries to movies to even music lyrics. Recently, director and poker professional, Michael Bailey announced his classic documentary on poker and has a captive audience listening. Titled ‘For Love or Money? A Poker Documentary’, Michael shares his views in an interview with Calvinayre and here’s everything we need to know about the poker documentary.

The documentary takes an inside look as two professional poker players, Chris Leong and Stanley Lee, who attempt to win poker’s most coveted prize… a World Series of Poker bracelet. Appearances include players such as Michael Rocco, Tommy Angelo, 2017 WPT World Champion Asher Conniff, and 2017 WSOP Main Event Champion Scott Blumstein.

Michael’s story is that of true passion. With no budget to make the film, the man himself edited, filmed and scripted this brainchild. Bailey wanted to give back to the game that gave him much. He recalls tough times from his childhood when friends and family played poker to pay bills. His endeavor is to find out the reason that motivated them to do what they do and survive the test of time.

Bailey believes the best thing about Poker is the adrenaline rush/energy, the people and the challenges of the game itself. Contrary to most poker players, he believes that winning in poker is given undue importance and doesn’t enthrall him personally. Michael is of the opinion that there are other ways by which one can earn money that is much easier than Poker.

Michael in his interview further talks about the difference between ambition and addiction. He goes on to state that it’s an addiction when the game chooses one to play and choosing to play the game is sheer ambition, making his thoughts clearer on the murkier side of the sport, emphasizing the need to make more logical decisions than an emotional one.

He also answered one of the most interesting questions between Cash games and Tournament. He said in Cash, one risks as much as the person can win. However, in tournament people risk less to win more and therefore is the more sought-after format of the game.

Everyone has their own beliefs about the game of poker, but there are many misconceptions. Bailey being a professional poker player himself aims to show the game from a player’s perspective. Minus Hollywood. Minus the Drama. He hopes people understand what it’s like to be a professional poker player after watching the film.