How poker has changed since 2010


From watching smoke glad poker rooms with cowboys and cigars on movies to watching the sport pick up gradually in your hometown, the skill-based game of poker has definitely come a long way since 2010! The sport has captured a wider audience and the felts have only gotten tougher! Here’s a look at the changes that catapulted the sport to what it is today.


Availability and Quality of Resources

The first and foremost drastic change that raises awareness of any concept is the literature. During the yesteryears, there were only a handful of poker books and a few poker-training sites. In the past, six to ten years the availability and quality of resources to budding poker players have increased leaps and bounds. While there was an initial worry of giving up game strategies, all that has changed today. Leading poker training sites have top quality online training and hire the crème de la crème of players and coaches in the world to share their knowledge base!

The skilled game has evolved into a lifestyle now. Resources don’t just cover the technical side of the game, but also provide a holistic approach focusing on mental health and wellbeing. The growth of the Internet has been a massive catalyst behind the speed of advancement in this area.


The Narrowing Skill Gap

The felts have a lot more knowledge and therefore the gap between the best and the rest is narrowing considerably. It has become harder to classify and categorize players in distinct groups. The game has gotten tougher and it’s purely because the weaker players have improved their game. Most competent players now have strong fundamentals.


Who said you can’t get creative in poker!

With more and more players drinking from the fountain of knowledge, solid ABC poker wasn’t going to cut it and that’s when players had to think of more creative ways to beat their opponents. The online training sites are certainly responsible for mushrooming the levels of creativity.

While ten years ago nobody knew what a reverse float was. Today, it’s as regular as hammocks on a desert island. People are putting it into play like spreading butter on toast. In order to stay on top of the current metagame, one needs to understand these concepts, not only to make it a part of their arsenal but to also prepare a counter-strategy for it!


Players Are More Aggressive

One of the most evident evolutions in poker strategy is the level of aggression. Seen across all levels of the game, the aggression once again is backed by the knowledge feed coming in from online training sites and literature.


The Math Players Dominate

Back in the good old days, there was a greater mix of ‘feel’ players and logical, math-based players. However, off late a top poker pro will break down his hand with some in-depth mathematical reasoning. Therefore making it clear that in order to keep your neck above the water on the felts, you need to have a great handle on poker math. While ‘Feel’ players might still be successful, the numbers are dwindling and favoring the math wizards.

Change is inevitable in poker, make your growth optional and you might get left behind!