How to watch poker videos and actually learn!


The golden age of poker has seen its foray into various media. With the Internet, a plethora of content is available for players to learn from. From streaming highlights to broadcasting live to vlogs, the poker world has it all! What’s crucial when watching these videos is not viewing them for entertainment value but treating them as an opportunity to learn more about the game. Here are a few tips on how to watch poker videos and more importantly learn from them and improve your game.

Tip 1 – Be a part of the game

It’s important to stop thinking of yourself as a spectator and immerse yourself in the game you are watching. Just this tweak will help you make decisions in the same scenario. Pause the video while you make the decision and over the bottom left-hand screen (since you will not be able to see the other opponent’s cards) and then see how it played out. Your learning curve will certainly spike with this small little tip.

If you guessed wrong, learn from your mistakes. If you guessed right, make sure you know why that was the best move.

Tip 2 – Watch How Many Hands Aren’t Played – It’s important to watch the hands pros fold and in which position. Learning when to properly fold is the mark of a true professional.

Tip 3 – Look for How the Pros Conceal Their Tells – The sign of a true poker professional is that they can sit in an auditorium with cheering fans, glaring lights, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line and their face will never flinch. They just play their game with the same expression whether they win or lose. Take note of strategies they use to hide their tells.

Tip 4 – Watch How the Pros Bluff

Bluffing is an art. The problem is that poker videos are edited to emphasize when players bluff and seem to show they’re a viable option. So it’s best to watch how the pros set up their opponents with various bets, what cards were dealt with in the flop, turn, and river, etc. If you can decipher how a given pro got away with a bluff, your chances of pulling one off are much higher.

Tip 5 – Seek out Specific Game Scenarios

A game of poker has several different phases and scenarios that you are likely to occur over and over again. Chances are you’ve noticed a pattern and not happy with how you respond to these game scenarios. Let’s say you really want to focus in on your betting after the flop. All you need to do is go to your favorite video site, search for that situation, and start watching and taking notes.

Tip 6 – Watch the Pros Eat Humble Pie

It’s natural to lose a lot of hands in a game of poker, including the pros. However, it’s important to note down why a player lost and unravel the cause of a player’s defeat than reveling in their victory.

So don’t stare at that screen hoping for magic on the felts! Watch!