WSOPE is underway!



The World Series of Poker Europe is certainly focusing on its players this season. They’ve ensured that every conceivable preference is being catered to and have gone as far as having added a total of four additional events into the mix, which now makes it a total of 15 gold bracelets up for grabs!

The events have been slotted into the King’s Casino and the additional bracelets are bound to get crowds thronging. The latest include a pair of 8-deck events and also one short deck. The fourth and latest addition is the only high-roller no limit event to have been added to the event list.

It’s very much a case of the tribe having spoken and players will be happy to know that their demands for more variety are being heard; and especially good old 8-deck Poker!

WSOP Vice President Jack Effel said that the new add-on events and additional bracelets were implemented in an effort to keep the 50th WSOP anniversary momentum going. Venues play a significant role in the entire world championships tour experience. The venues are where the players are at for the duration of the tournaments and also before and after the time. It’s important that they are catered for and looked after. The King’s Casino is possibly the best possible Poker Pleasing environment for the next few years to come.

Stay tuned for all the action from the WSOPE felts!