Abhishek Maheshwari Claims The First-Ever EndBoss Tournament


The biggest online poker tournament in Indian history came to an end on Monday and Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari was the last man standing after an epic final table and won the biggest, baddest payout of INR 1,00,13,911.

The 27 year old from Pune is a BE Mechanical Engineer from the Pune University and runs his own business. He qualified for the EndBoss Flight 1D through a satty. It seemed like this fairy tale was written in the stars and the stars aligned. Abhishek had deposited INR 5,000 and got the satellite ticket as a bonus and as they say, “the rest is history.”

Throughout the final table, Abhishek kept on winning marginal hands and constantly picked up on good spots to take down crucial flops. He won all of his flips and you simply need to win your flips to take down tournaments. Luck was on his side but he played brilliant poker throughout the event and deservedly earned the title of the ‘EndBoss’!

We Had a Conversation With The EndBoss Himself Yesterday Here is The Transcript

Congratulations on the EndBoss win, Abhishek. Tell us something about how you started playing poker?

I got introduced to the game by one of the friends back when I was in 11th grade. We played house games occasionally but I started figuring out strategies and learning about the game once I began playing low stakes online.

Tell us about your early days in poker. What kind of mistakes did you make? How was your mindset towards the game?

In the early days, I played the game like a gambler. Almost like Teen Patti. I did make a lot of mistakes. This all started to change when I began watching videos about poker on Youtube.

What were some specific areas of the game that you had a problem dealing with?

The biggest challenge was not to get tilted. There were a lot of moments where I wanted to punch the wall. Many times I would lose money because of what happened in the previous hand. I think meditation helped me overcome it and as you learn the game more, you realize that bad beats are very much a part of the game.

What is your basic thought process when you get into a game?

I sit on the table with a basic strategy and map out the table for some time. Then I play based on how players around me are playing and my stack size.

What made you a better player?

I believe my passion for poker allowed me to watch a lot of poker tournaments on YouTube. I could sit through a 12 hour video of EPT, of course I would forward them and finish in 3-4 hours. There is so much material available on the internet if someone wants to improve their game then it’s all there.

Do you have any role models from the poker industry? Who is your favourite poker player?

Phil ivey is number one for me. Daniel Negreanu is next. Although nowadays I like watching Garrett Adelstein. So yeah these three have had a good influence on me!

Important question. How’s your family dynamic? Poker is not something that sits well with Indian parents.

My family has always been supportive and they allow me to do whatever interests me. I’m lucky to have an understanding family.

What would your advice be to a newcomer?

My advice would be to learn the game well before playing online. In the early days I used to put in sums like 500 and 1000 and blow them away, gambling. It’s better to start with a plan and maintain a diary.

Have you made any plans about your next move? On the live or online playing felts?

No plans yet. But I plan to learn more about bankroll management and I’ve got a headstart that people can’t even dream of, so I’m going to make the most of it.

Do you have anything to say to our India Poker News readers?

I think people have got their Indian Chris Moneymaker story and they are going to enter the circuit hoping they’ll get lucky. What they don’t realize is that I did study the game for a long time and the learning process never ends. So don’t enter poker hoping to get lucky.

One Word Answers:

 Proudest Achievement


Live Poker or Online Poker?


Favourite Live poker destination. Domestic or International


Poker by Day or Poker at Night?


Biggest pet peeve at a poker table?

People acting slow, taking a lot of time on hyper turbos.

This was Abhishek ‘Human_AI’ Maheshwari aka the EndBoss! We wish him the best of luck and good health in the coming months of his new life.

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